13 TV Sex Scenes We Can NEVER Unsee!

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7. All in the Family - Game of Thrones

All in the Family - Game of Thrones
Cersei and Jamie did the deed right there in the same room as their dead son, Joffrey. There's controversy concerning this scene, not because the couple showed the ultimate disrespect, but because many believe Jamie raped Cersei. Whatever your thoughts on it, this scene, like any incestuous scene between brother and sister, is quite disturbing.

8. And Mom Makes Three - Shameless

And Mom Makes Three - Shameless
This one makes us gag just thinking about it. Kevin wants to have a baby, but V is having a hard time getting pregnant. So what do they do? They invite her mother to be a surrogate, which isn't horrible in itself. What is horrible, though, is that Kevin has sex with V and her mom at the same time, making for a very weird and very awkward threesome!

9. The Demon Inside - Penny Dreadful

The Demon Inside - Penny Dreadful
Imagine getting pummeled by an invisible demon while your mother watches? No? Well, it happened to Vanessa and was so horrific that her mother dropped dead at the sight. It wasn't any better for us. It wasn't pleasant to watch and made you wonder how Eva Green even got through the scene.

10. Swallowed - American Gods

Swallowed - American Gods
Bilquis is the goddess of love and the love she gives her partners the most exquisite sexual experience of their lives. Little do they know they are becoming food for her rejuvenation. Yes, folks, she swallows her partners whole via her vagina. It's a beautiful and poetic process but still quite disturbing. Who doesn't feel for the poor souls she just ate in order to secure her eternal life?

11. Hot for Teacher - Animal Kingdom

Hot for Teacher - Animal Kingdom
J doesn't come from a typical family so having sex with his teacher is no big deal, though it was surprising that J went down that road. It seems more like something Craig would do. Still, it was Alexa who seduced J, not the other way around. And she had an ulterior motive which made the whole situation even worse. Watching J get it on with his teacher was awkward and uncomfortable and something we wish we never witnessed!

12. Sisters Do it for Each Other - The Sinner

Sisters Do it for Each Other - The Sinner
A little bit love, a little bit manipulation, but no matter how you look at it, after years of living vicariously through her sister, Phoebe wanted to find out about sexual pleasure through her sister with more of a hands-on experience. The look of pleasure on Phoebe's face is courtesy of her sister, Cora, as she demonstrates to the perpetually (and 19-year-old-terminally-ill) Phoebe the joy of orgasm for the first time. Thanks, Jessica Biel. We'll never be able to unsee that.

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