13 Vicious Beatdowns from the 2018-19 TV Season

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It's not always possible to end conflicts peacefully. Sometimes we get pushed too far. Sometimes there isn't another cheek to turn. Sometimes the only way out is with your fists.

The 2018 - 2019 TV seasons wasn't shy about pushing characters to the absolute brink. In some instances, it was exhilarating to see a character cut loose and give a villain

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exactly what he or she deserved. Other fights were tragic to witness as it signaled the darker path our hero(es) would be walking.    

Whether we wanted to cheer or cry, the fights captured on screen this season were riveting to watch.

Special effects and fancy choreography are only part of the reason why. The best fights piled on the emotions and never lost sight of the story it was telling. Let's take a look back at some of those memorable throwdowns.   

1. Witches of Greendale vs. The Order of the Innocent

Witches of Greendale vs. The Order of the Innocent
When the Order of the Innocent starts ambushing witches throughout Greendale, it kicks off a bloody battle between witches and angels. It all leads to a fiery climax at a church where it's revealed there is much more to Sabrina than any of us ever realized.

2. Katherine, Gary, and Rome vs. Eddie - A Million Little Things

Katherine, Gary, and Rome vs. Eddie - A Million Little Things
When Katherine, Gary, and Rome found out about Eddie and Delilah's affair they were furious. From Katherine's slap to the guys' brawl on the ice, they let Eddie know he betrayed them all.

3. Planetary Union vs. Kaylons

Planetary Union vs. Kaylons
From the seizure of the Orville to the explosive space battle featuring three different fleets, the battle against the Kaylon annihilation force did more than save Earth. It proved the Orville could stand among the best in the space opera genre.

4. Archie vs. Hiram - Riverdale

Archie vs. Hiram - Riverdale
Watching Archie and Hiram fight stopped being interesting a long time ago, so having them duke it out in a boxing ring didn't sound very exciting. Surprisingly, thanks to the actors' intensity, the gore, and the shot of Hiram knocking out Archie's mouth guard -- this latest fight between the two was engaging.

5. The Brainy Bunch vs. Demons - The Good Place

The Brainy Bunch vs. Demons - The Good Place
Shawn and his cronies finally got the drop on Eleanor and the others. Since quietly accepting damnation wasn't an option, Janet kicked things into high gear, and an all-out bar brawl ensued. In true Jacksonville style, Chidi and Jason knocked demons out; Tahani utilized her fencing skills, and Janet sent them flying back to The Bad Place.

6. Cobra Kai vs. Miyagi-Do - Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai vs. Miyagi-Do - Cobra Kai
Tory's jealousy over Sam kissing Miguel boils over, and a schoolyard fight between the two of them engulfs both dojos in an all-out brawl. Security and teachers can do little but watch as students smashed up school property and maimed each other. Regardless of who bested who, no one walked out of West Valley High a winner.

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