13 Villains With The Hottest Rides

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Villains are there to be defeated by the good guys but somehow they always get to mount the best rides around when they step out to commit evil.

Maybe it's their inherent ability to see beauty in things otherwise considered trash and repurposing them for their needs. Or it's probably our heroes who have a poor sense of aesthetics.

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Whichever way it is, there is no law that dictates that you can't be both evil and ride the best things out there. These 13 bad guys have made it clear that these aren't mutually exclusive traits!

1. Death (Supernatural)

In quite possibly the most memorable entrance scene of all time, the horseman of death driving the only vehicle in existence that could upstage Dean's "Baby," pulled up in a remote town and stepped out like the boss that he is. This scene is only made more memorable by the increasingly chaotic chain of events happening around as he simply struts down the street with an eerie swagger that is further accentuated by the lyrics of Jen Titus' Oh Death that's played over the scene.

2. Doug Judy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Jake Peralta fancies himself the best cop to have ever walked the earth, and we agree with him, but as he said himself; every great hero needs an anti-thesis -- a nemesis, if you will. He got one in Doug Judy: car thief, con artist, Karaoke supremo and forever unrequited lover of Rosa Diaz. The one other thing about Judy that caught everyone's attention is his excellent taste in cars that has remained unmatched in the 99th Precinct and beyond.

3. The Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow)

Another horseman of death makes the cut, but this time it's our old friend headless. This dude has tormented Ichabod through death and back again. Luckily, when he was resurrected in the 21st Century, he got himself a white horse that could make the strongest of us to pee their knickers without him having to lift his ax. And the poetic irony of the horseman of death riding a pale horse isn't lost on us.

4. Nicholas Tanz (Salvation)

The villainous billionaire will do anything to maintain his grip on power including sabotaging every plan put in place to avert humanity's extinction. In true evil guy fashion, dear uncle Nick creeps around the block in a chauffeured Bentley that transforms anyone seated in it to unofficial royalty.

5. Lavinia Peck-Foster (Trial And Error)

Committing a crime is wrong, dear ones -- worst of all, murder. But if you do commit a crime, there is no reason not to be classy while you're at it. Lavinia was on her way to dump her husband's body in an undisclosed location when she was pulled over by a cop. Sure, she had a dead body in her trunk but what we couldn't get over was the magnificent car she was driving.

6. Night King (Game Of Thrones)

The dragon queen spent most of seasons four to seven barbecuing her enemies up and down the continents of Essos and Westeros with the help of her three dragons. That was all before she met the night king and Viserion was swiftly brought down with a magic ice spear to the side of the neck. The Night King, in his infinite wisdom (and also because he is the coolest being in all of Westeros), decided to reanimate the dead dragon in his image complete with awesome upgrades like increased speed and the ability to breath cold fire -- because regular flames are so old school.

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