14 Females Who Are Absolutely Fearless

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7. Eleanor - The Good Place

Eleanor - The Good Place
Another dead girl who showed no emotion upon learning of her fate, and even less when she discovered she was in the wrong place and one mistake could have banished her to hell. Eleanor is stronger than your average chick!

8. Maeve - Westworld

Maeve - Westworld
Technically a robot, Maeve was one of those who emerged like a butterfly fully sentient and capable of making decisions. I don't believe for one second every one she made was programmed, but the man in charge would like us to believe it anyway. Maeve heroically went back into the hell where she was created without a hint of fear.

9. Camila - Queen of the South

Camila - Queen of the South
Camila Vargas runs a drug cartel and bows to no man, that includes her husband who just happens to be her biggest rival. Camila knows that a woman needs to be more barbaric than any man to remain in power. Loyalty is her prized possession. She surrounds herself with loyal soldiers, and anyone she even suspects of being a traitor ends up with a very short lifespan.

10. Diana - Younger

Diana - Younger
Diana's game face is brilliant. She can be absolutely terrified, but she looks exactly the same as she does when she's put out or appalled. Never let 'em see you sweat! The world can be crashing down around Diana and she'll work even harder to ensure success, providing laughs the entire time.

11. Harlee - Shades of Blue

Harlee - Shades of Blue
Has there been a single moment of Shades of Blue when Harlee's life or those of the people she loves haven't been in jeopardy? Sure, it can be due to her poor decisions, but still. We want her to come out on top of it all in the end!

12. Daenerys - Game of Thrones

Daenerys - Game of Thrones
Dany started out in one of the most unsettling of positions on Game of Thrones, being sold to a man whose language she didn't even speak. Her bravery throughout the ordeal only endeared her to his people and together with her compassion made her a highly effective leader and a woman worth championing.

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