14 Scenes That Should Have Landed on the Cutting Room Floor

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13. A Weed of a Series

A Weed of a Series
Not even the great Kathy Bates could save this lame Netflix comedy about an aging hippie running an LA cannabis dispensary. I guess they thought the setting would give the show a topical edge, but it was just a dumb workplace sitcom with some stereotypical pot jokes mixed in. Canned laughter, hacky writing and stale jokes combined to make this half-baked show a real buzzkill.

14. Riverdale's Existence

Riverdale's Existence
Riverdale in its entirety. Just seeing the promos for this series makes me roll my eyes -- I only made it three episodes -- and the way they treat their characters is appalling. Makes me yearn for the Archie comics, at least there were no awkward underage stripteases in those!

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