15 Bromances That Turned Deadly

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Romantic relationships are great and all, but there's something uniquely special about a bond between two guys.

Officially, it's called a bromance. 

Gaining the classification involves more than a few fist-bumps and shared beers, however. 

When two dudes "click," they become emotionally vulnerable with each other. It's an unspoken understanding.

When they go on adventures together, spend all their time together, share secrets, and eventually, better each other, only then do they earn the coveted title and become serious friendship goals.

Sadly, oftentimes, a bromance is broken up by an unexpected death that is extremely painful.

We're looking at some of our favorite TV bromances that took a deadly turn. Some were mere accidents, some motivated while other deaths involved one party making the ultimate sacrifice for the other. 

1. Olinksy & Voight -- Chicago PD

Olinksy was so loyal to his friend, boss, and partner-in-crime Voight, that he helped him bury a dead body and took the fall to keep him out of prison. Sadly, his loyalty was eventually his undoing. Before Voight could arrange for his freedom, Olinksy was stabbed to death in his prison cell.

2. Marcel & Josh -- The Originals

Marcel was the fearless vampire leader while Josh served as his side-kick before filling in and leading his people when Marcel skipped town. Sadly, when a feud between the factions broke out, Josh became a victim of Nazi-vampires and died in Marcel's arms. I'm not crying, you're crying.

3. Damon & Stefan -- The Vampire Diaries

Damon and Stefan had a love-hate relationship. Their brotherly bond strengthened as time went on though Stefan would do anything to keep his brother happy. Eventually, he sacrificed himself so that his brother would be reunited with the woman they both loved, Elena, and Mystic Falls would be saved from Hell Fire. What a good dude.

4. Keith & Dan - One Tree Hill

Keith and Dan were brothers with a very turbulent relationship and remained estranged for much of the series. Dan blamed his older brother for a lot of things, including the dealership fire that almost killed him. In retaliation, he shot and killed the beloved Uncle Keith in the high school hallway.

5. Klaus & Elijah -- The Originals

Klaus and Elijah's co-dependency was borderline unhealthy. Klaus relied on Elijah for everything and in turn, Elijah was always there for him because of the guilt he felt. One could not live without the other so when Klaus decided to die to save Hope from the darkness, Elijah was right by his side.

6. Hank & Walt -- Breaking Bad

The DEA agent was put into a tough spot when his brother-in-law became a meth kingpin. Walt did everything he possibly could to convince Jack not to kill Hank, but alas, it was too late, and Walt just had to watch the murder go down in the desert.

7. Rufus & Wyatt -- Timeless

The good news here is that Rufus didn't stay dead. After he was killed in 1800s Chinatown by Wyatt's deceiving and estranged wife, Jessica, Wyatt went out of his way to resurrect Rufus even acknowledging that he had to kill Jessica to restore the timelines.

8. Cyrus & Vargas -- Scandal

Cyrus didn't have many real friends -- because he stabbed everyone in the back -- but he formed a strong bond with running-mate Francisco Vargas, who was president briefly before being assassinated during his victory speech. The killer turned out to be none other than Liv's devious father, Rowan who was blackmailed into doing it.

9. Jack & Miguel -- This Is Us

Jack and Miguel always had each other's backs. When Miguel was going through a divorce, Jack was there for him. And sadly, when Jack passed away after complications following a tragic house fire, Miguel lived up to his promise of looking out for Jack's family. Eventually, he married Jack's wife, Rebecca.

10. Martin Stein & Jax -- Legends of Tomorrow

After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, Martin Stein became one-half of the conjoined meta-human superhero Firestorm. During the crossover episode and Nazi invasion from Earth-X, Martin was shot multiple times by the Sturmbannfuhrer. Instead of "finding another way," he made the choice to sever his connection with Jax thus saving his life.

11. Stick & Matt -- Defenders

Stick showed Matt Murdock how to use his senses and trained him. He died at the hands of Elektra who was able to kill him because of Matt's obsession with saving her rather than focusing on the mission to bring down the Hand.

12. Lance & Booth -- Bones

Lance started out studying Booth and Bones as psychological subjects and formed a close and personal relationship with both. In helping Booth unravel an FBI conspiracy, Lance became the first casualty just as it was announced that he and Daisy were expecting a baby. His notes helped crack the case, and his death still haunts the team on occasion.

13. Tenth Doctor & Wilfred -- Doctor Who

Wilfred Mott was The Doctor's Companion, and along with his granddaughter, called each other "family." When he ended up trapped in a booth about to flood with deadly radiation, The Doctor sacrifices himself instead, triggering his regeneration into The Eleventh Doctor.

14. Ash Tyler & Dr. Hugh Culber -- Star Trek: Discovery

Ash confides in Culber that something is wrong with him. Considering his trauma as a prisoner of the Klingons, Culber examines him more closely than his medical screener did when he was admitted to the crew. Culber makes a horrifying discovery that Ash was surgically altered to appear human just as his buried Klingon persona, Voq, emerges and kills the doctor.

15. Bran & Hodor -- Game of Thrones

As an adult, Hodor is a loyal stableboy in service to House Stark and charged with transporting Bran Stark after he is paralyzed. He takes Bran on a winded and dangerous journey beyond the Wall to the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven where Bran learns how to use his magical abilities. When the cave is invaded by the White Walkers, Hodor sacrifices himself to save Bran and Meera marking the moment as one of the saddest in the season.

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