15 Characters Who Might As Well Be Your Mom

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According to Urban Dictionary, the "Mom Friend" is "that one friend in your squad that's super responsible and almost over-protective of them. Usually every friend group has a mom friend, and if you think you're squad doesn't have one, then you're probably the Mom Friend!"

Spread across television, we have quite an assortment of Mom Friends. Those that teach, guide, or literally save their friends' lives. They have a responsibility toward their friends that goes beyond the normal standards of just basic best friends.

They may have their moments that they're selfish, mean, or rude, but who doesn't? What matters is their overall performance.

Here's a compilation of some of our favorite Mom Friends!

1. Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation
Leslie always suffocated her friends with her udying support and affection, especially Ann. She sacrificed herself and her happiness for everyone in her department and went above and beyond to make Pawnee the best place in not just Indiana, but the world.

2. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz - The Big Bang Theory

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz - The Big Bang Theory
She may come across as nice, innocent, and perfect, but when you piss her off, Bernadette unleashes that secret dark side that every mom has. She's also a master of the eyes in the back of her head. But even so, her appreciation of her friends is her weakness.

3. Clarke Griffin - The 100

Clarke Griffin - The 100
Clarke is like the vicious mom of the pack. She'll do anything to protect her cubs, which she proved in The 100 Season 2 when the Mountain Men took her people hostage to harvest them. She killed hundreds of people to protect her own. Caring, but deadly.

4. Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars

Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars
Spencer always seems to be the one Aria, Emily, and Hanna go to for support, though she almost always has a lecture to lay upon them. In good heart of course. And even when Hanna makes her less-than-smart remarks, Spencer's supportive, but always grammatical correct. She's the wise elder mother.

5. Laurel Castillo - How To Get Away With Murder

Laurel Castillo - How To Get Away With Murder
Laurel is the glue holding together all of the horrors in the Keating house of murders. She's the connection between all of these characters that have torn apart from each other with the growing death count.

6. Laurel Lance - Arrow

Laurel Lance - Arrow
Laurel was the rock of the group after Sara's second death. Even as Thea confessed to killing her sister under Malcolm's control, Laurel forgave her makeshift sister, someone she's known for her entire life. Laurel would've made the sacrifice for one of her friends if she hadn't have suffered a pitiful death by Damien Darhk.

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