15 Devasting TV Moments That Crushed Our Hearts

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7. Dementia Story - NCIS

Dementia Story - NCIS
NCIS Season 14 Episode 20, "A Bowl of Cherries": Alex Quinn met a mixed reception from fans when her character was introduced at the beginning of the season, but her grief and heartbreak over her mother's worsening dementia really struck home. And her mother Marie sharing her understanding that her life was slipping away from her little by little served as the capstone for the already emotional subplot. - Katie

8. Tearful Goodbye - Supergirl

Tearful Goodbye - Supergirl
Mon-El and Kara's tearful goodbye just before he climbed in the pod and left Earth was incredibly heartbreaking. Kara was forced to release lead into the atmosphere to get rid of the Daxamite invaders, but unfortunately, that meant the Earth is now toxic to Mon-El too. The two shared a final kiss and exchanged "I love yous" before he was forced to leave. We can only hope they will find a way to bring him back. - Stacy

9. Michael Dies - Jane the Virgin

Michael Dies - Jane the Virgin
Michael's death on Jane the Virgin was not only shocking but devastating as well. Michael and Jane had not been married for very long when he died. Even though his death had been hinted at since the beginning of the show, those of us on Team Michael hoped the writers were just messing with us. Unfortunately, we were wrong. - Amanda

10. Rayna Dies - Nashville

Rayna Dies - Nashville
Rayna’s death on Nashville. We should’ve seen it coming, but didn’t, and now the characters are moving on. It’s devastating and incredibly Nashville-esque to have Rayna survive being held hostage by her insane stalker and then die from a car accident while she was being taken home by the police. The goodbye scene of Deacon and her daughters sobbing their way through “A Life That’s Good” was the perfect send-off for Rayna Jaymes. - Jay

11. Too Late - American Crime

Too Late - American Crime
On American Crime Season 3 when Luis found out his son was dead and was unable to tell his wife over the phone. That really got to me. This was a man who had sacrificed everything coming into the US without proper documentation and putting up with being mistreated and generally used as slave labor to find and rescue his son, only to discover he was too late. His phone call to his wife was so painful. - Jack

12. Negan Kills Glenn - The Walking Dead

Negan Kills Glenn - The Walking Dead
Glenn getting Lucilled at the hands of Negan. Even for those who either read the comics or saw all of the subtle hints that his time was coming to an end, it made the visual no less devastating. He not only left Maggie a widow and his unborn child fatherless, the group also lost their moral compass. - Steve

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