17 Momentous True Blood Deaths

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Check out this photo gallery for a list of momentous deaths from the first six seasons of True Blood. Which stands out the most?

1. Godric Commits Suicide

Godric Commits Suicide
Sick of eons of being a vampire and ready to it all to end, Godric chooses to end his own life while Sookie stands by watching Eric's maker meet his.

2. Adele 'Gran' Stackhouse Murdered

Adele 'Gran' Stackhouse Murdered
Sookie and Jason were left very alone when Arlenes' boyfriend Rene turned out to be a serial killer named Drew Marshall and Gran was one of his victims.

3. Terry Bellefleur's Quasi Suicide

Terry Bellefleur's Quasi Suicide
Terry was always a little nuts, but we hoped he'd get better with Arlene's influence. Instead, an old war buddy showed up, called upon his to atone together for past sins and he ultimately paid for someone to kill him so he could leave money to Arlene. Weird.

4. Former Queen Sophie-Anne Dies by Duel

Former Queen Sophie-Anne Dies by Duel
Sophie-Anne was in debt, had to marry Russel Eddington and was even jailed briefly. Thinking bygones were bygones, she went to Bill's only to be challenged to a duel she didn't take quite seriously enough. Whoopsie!

5. Russell Eddington's True Death (Finally)

Russell Eddington's True Death (Finally)
Eddington was like a cat with 9 lives. He kept being killed or almost so but only when he was high on Faerie blood did he get caught. He was almost saved by the Fae blood, but Eric's stake ended his thousand years of waiting for vengeance.

6. Rene/Drew Death by Shovel

Rene/Drew Death by Shovel
For most of the first season Rene seemed only Arlene's sweet boyfriend. It was revealed he was a vicious (human) serial killer and Sookie got to take him out in human fashion, by shovel to the neck.

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