15 Reasons Timeless Rocks & Needs to Be Renewed

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7. Makes You Appreciate Your Time Period

Makes You Appreciate Your Time Period
That being said, spending some time in various time periods really makes you appreciate ours. We may still have a long way to go, but things are much better now than they were back then. There are moments that are downright scary for Rufus and Lucy. It's a testament that no matter how many issues we have now, it's still vastly better than when they thought powerful women were witches that should be hung.

Rufus summed it up perfectly: "I'm in the damn Stone Age, but, man, I hope you live a long, long life. Long enough to see Michael Jordan dunk, Michael Jackson dance, Mike Tyson punch, really, just, any black guy named Michael."

Timeless doesn't shy away from making things awkward or uncomfortable because hey, this is our history and we need to be reminded of it on occasion especially now with the Black Lives Matter and Me Too movements.

8. Wonderful Guest Stars

Wonderful Guest Stars
You know how I mentioned the superb cast both core and supporting? Well, even the guest stars are incredible! These notable actors effortlessly bring historical figures to life by capturing the essence of who they were and how they carried themselves. A few key ones include OUAT's Sean McGuire as Ian Fleming, The Vampire Diaries' Annie Wersching as re-curring Rittenhouse member Emma, Arrow's Susanna Thompson as Lucy's brainwashed mother, and The Librarians' Matt Frewer as Rufus'-mentor-turned-Flynn-conspirator Anthony.

9. There's a Celebrity Following

There's a Celebrity Following
Not only does the show have well-known guest stars, they also have a dedicated celebrity following. Mark Hamill, William Shatner and Leslie Jones have been very vocal about their love for the series. But the biggest fan is Kelly Clarkson. When the series was first on the brink of cancellation, she kickstarted the #RenewTimeless campaign to save the series. Surely, Kelly gets what she wants, right?

10. The Trio's Friendship

The Trio's Friendship
Procedural dramas always have a core cast leading the action but this trio is one-of-a-kind. Their friendship was unlikely at first, but their bond unbreakable now. They have each other's backs like no other group of friends I've ever seen because their survival is based on trusting each other. They have a "no soldier left behind" mindset -- there is no Lucy without Wyatt and Rufus, no Wyatt without Rufus and Lucy, and no Rufus without Lucy and Wyatt.

They keep each other grounded, keep each other sane and most importantly, keep each other safe. And there's always a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen because no one else will get it quite like the people who have been in the Lifeboat with you.

11. The Love Story

The Love Story
Every good series has a love story and a love triangle. Those are just the facts. Wyatt starts off as a broken soul who's only motivation to travel back in time is to resurrect his late wife. Lucy finds herself in a marriage with a man she barely knows when history is altered and her sister seizes to exist.

As time goes by and they spend more time together, their friendship naturally progresses into something more. Yes, it's very will they or won't they at first, but they have such an intimate and emotional chemistry on-screen, the buildup to their eventual romance is captivating. And of course, the minute they do finally give into the passion, they encounter an obstacle you never saw coming!

12. It's Hilarious

It's Hilarious
A little humor is always necessary when telling such an intense story. The series loves to make fun of itself and plays on trending topics, specifically when the trio is forced to think of nicknames on the spot. In 1937, Lucy introduced them as Nurse Jackie and Dr. Dre and said that they were from General Hospital.

There are moments that evoke chortles like Lucy denying any involvement with Donald Trump becoming President. And who doesn't love all the Star Wars references or how they subtle reference Back to the Future when JFK accidentally travels back to modern-day America?

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