15 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching iZombie

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7. Veronica Mars Callbacks

Veronica Mars Callbacks
It's by Rob Thomas, the man behind Veronica Mars, the best teen sleuth show in existence. As a result, iZombie has a similar feel. The fun, zingy dialogue, sassy protagonist, and dark humor are just some of the many things the show shares with Veronica Mars. If the similarities aren't blatantly obvious to you, the show even brings in Veronica Mars alum to guest star and makes cracks on its own behalf acknowledging the show.

8. Ravi Chakrabarti

Ravi Chakrabarti
Liv is the star and the soul of iZombie, but Ravi is the heart. The hot, nerdy scientist is the very definition of a "scene-stealer," he'll steal your heart too, without even trying. What can he say? He's a tall doctor with great hair and a British accent. He doesn't even have to be that attractive. It's just the icing. Those are his words, not ours, but they're accurate. He's the smart, dedicated, loyal M.E. who immersed himself in zombie affairs and works tirelessly to help his zombie friends find cures. He's the best friend any guy or gal can ask for.

9. Witty Dialogue

Witty Dialogue
In case you still haven't caught on by now that iZombie is full of humor, here's a reminder that the witty dialogue is top notch. Each episode is chalked full of zingers and sassy one-liners that will leave you snorting or flat out laughing by the second. They go a mile and minute and half the time you might have to rewind or rewatch just to catch them all. Everyone gets in on the action, too.

10. 'Ships and Friendships For Everyone

 'Ships and Friendships For Everyone
Whether you're a sucker for a good ship, or you live for great friendships, there are so many to choose from. Rajor, Pavi, Ravioli, Cliv, Blayton there are so many friendships to love and so many relationships to root for. The entire cast has great chemistry with one another. You can put any combination of characters together in a scene and it's bound to be entertaining. Peyton and Liv have a great female friendship. Liv and Clive have an amazing friendship too. Blaine and Peyton have bad boy/good girl chemistry, and Major and Liv are the zombie equivalent of the boy and girl next door.

11. So Many Puns It's Punny...er...Funny

So Many Puns It's Punny...er...Funny
There are so many puns you should want to roll your eyes, but you won't because they're so darn clever. Of course, the main zombie character's name is Liv Moore. Naturally, the most morally gray character works at a funeral home called "Shady Plots." There is an actual company called Fillmore Graves. We haven't even gotten to the title cards that pop up throughout each episode. Puns for days.

12. Multi-Dimensional Characters

Multi-Dimensional Characters
There is no painting any of the characters into a corner on this show. Every character whether it's the members of Team Z, or the people the fight against are all multi-layered, fleshed out characters that are interesting to watch and no one is quite what the seem at first look. Major Lilywhite could have easily been a one-note character, but he's more than just a pretty face, the most complex of them all, and essentially the human equivalent of a lovable Labrador with a penchant for trouble. Blaine DeBeers is the not quite villain, but not quite good guy who you hate to love. Every character is endearing. They all are relatable and feel like real people you'd like to spend time with, or maybe they remind you of people you already do spend time with.

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