15 Things We Know About Arrow Season 6

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The CW's Arrowverse is getting ready to come back with brand new seasons for their superhero shows. One of them is Arrow, the series that kicked off the big DC TV Universe on The CW.

Arrow Season 5 ended on the biggest cliffhanger of all time when the Emerald Archer witnessed Lian Yu getting blown up. But the worst part was that everyone in Team Arrow was still trapped there when Prometheus blew the island up.

With the show getting ready to return for its sixth year, we've learned quite a lot about Arrow Season 6 in the last few months. If you wish to not get spoiled, then stop reading any further. Go through the slides below to find out everything we know about Arrow Season 6 so far!

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1. Enter Michael Emerson

Enter Michael Emerson
LOST and Person of Interest’s Michael Emerson will be joining the DC TV Universe in Arrow Season 6. It remains to be seen who his unnamed mystery character actually is.

All we know is that he is going to be one of the new threats for the Green Arrow this year. Executive producer Wendy Mericle teased in an interview what sort of character we can expect from Emerson.

“This character that we’re having [Michael] play is somewhat similar to people has has played in the past. But we had many conversations with him about how to make it different, and what elements we could bring to the character to change it up.”

Hit the comments below with your theories on who he might be playing!

2. FBI To Follow Green Arrow

FBI To Follow Green Arrow
Oliver is going to have to watch his back quite a lot in Arrow Season 6 with new foes and mysterious figures following him. One of them is going to be FBI agent Samanda Watson who will be played by GLOW star Sydelle Noel.

Samanda will be investigating Oliver’s connection to the Emerald Archer. Might Star City find out that their mayor is none other than the Green Arrow? Only time will tell.

3. Return Of Ragman

Return Of Ragman
One of the new team members that joined Arrow Season 5 was Rory Regan a.k.a. Ragman, played by Joe Dinicol. However, the character exited the series in the middle of the fifth year as Ragman’s mystical rags lost the magical abilities.

But it appears that he may have figured out a way to restore those abilities because Ragman is coming back. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed to a fan on Twitter that Ragman will be back in episode 5 titled “Deathstroke Returns”.

It remains to be seen whether he is only back for one episode or if we will see more of Ragman in Arrow Season 6.

4. Oliver Meets Fatherhood

Oliver Meets Fatherhood
In the last two years, Oliver’s son William Clayton has slowly become a larger part of the Green Arrow’s life. After the events of the Arrow Season 5 finale, Oliver’s role as a father is going to get bigger than ever as William will be living with his father.

Oliver’s five years of hell in Lian Yu, Hong Kong and Russia may have prepared him to handle pretty much anything. But fatherhood was definitely not part of that journey so it will be fun to see how Oliver takes on this new aspect in a bigger capacity.

It remains to be seen whether or not his mother Samantha survived the explosion on Lian Yu. You’ll have to tune in on Thursday nights at 9 PM to find out if she did survive.

5. Vigilante Will Finally Get Unmasked

Vigilante Will Finally Get Unmasked
In Arrow Season 5, we got introduced to DC Comics character Vigilante who everyone thought was Adrian Chase. But given that Adrian turned out to be Prometheus, we still don’t know who the Vigilante is.

However, that is going to change in Arrow Season 6 as we’ll finally get some answers to that question. According to Guggenheim in an interview from earlier in the year, we will recognize whoever is underneath that mask.

“I’m probably not spoiling anything by saying whoever’s underneath the Vigilante mask, you’ve seen that person before.”

Got any guesses of who Vigilante is? Sound off in the comments below!

6. Richard Dragon Is Coming To Star City

Richard Dragon Is Coming To Star City
One of Green Arrow’s villains in the comics is Richard Dragon and given that the show has already used most of the Emerald Archer’s baddies, it’s time for the Dragon to arrive in Star City. Kirk Aceyedo (Fringe) will be bringing Ricardo Diaz to life in Arrow Season 6, but will be quite different from his comic counterpart.

“A hardened ex-con recently released from prison for crimes he didn’t commit, Ricardo Diaz is bent on taking over Star City’s criminal underworld. A master in hand to hand combat, honed by years of life on the street, Diaz has yet to meet a foe he can’t take down.”

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