15 Times TV Shows Brought Us to Tears

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7. Olivia and Laurel's Interactions on SVU

Olivia and Laurel's Interactions on SVU
I absolutely loved the interactions between Olivia and Laurel on "Something Happens" on SVU. I don't usually like concept episodes, but this two-woman play was the most emotional SVU episode I've ever seen. Plus it made me wish I had an Olivia Benson in my life to talk to about deep issues.

8. Morgan's Passing on Mary Kills People

Morgan's Passing on Mary Kills People
For a show so completely preoccupied with death, MKP was a revelation of dark comedy. Almost everyone Mary met in her mercy missions was terminal so it wasn't unexpected that rock star Morgan died but we'd gotten to know him over multiple episodes and he was maybe the first character Mary was able to open herself up to so when he took that final breath, there was a sense of loneliness in Mary that hit the emotional buttons in a profound way.

9. The Return of Mon-El on Supergirl

The Return of Mon-El on Supergirl
After Kara had to banish the love of her life at the end of Supergirl Season 2, I expected that he’d return at some point in Season 3. What I never expected was that his return would make me cry! As Mon-El was transported to the future, Kara’s six months apart turned out to be seven years for Mon-El. That’s a lot more time to get over a lost love and move on…to a new wife! Watching Kara endure a front row seat to Mon El’s obvious love for his beautiful, compassionate, lovely bride makes my heart ache. What's worse is that Irma is too darn nice to hate. This whole story arc has me shedding tears for our stoic Supergirl whose heart is broken once again.

10. The Kingdom Finale

The Kingdom Finale
The finale of Kingdom with its unknowns and the beautiful, but brutal sendoff for Nate and the entire Kulina family and all their friends. I cried a lot during the series as each character struggled with pain and desire to be loved when they had everything the needed right in front of them.

11. Gordon's Death on Halt and Catch Fire

Gordon's Death on Halt and Catch Fire
Gordon's death was at once painful and incredibly beautiful because as he died, he relived some of the most beloved moments of his life spent with Donna and his daughters. As he followed Donna around his house and she interacted with his girls as they all got younger and younger, it was as if it finally dawned on him he was at the end of his life. Wailing would be the appropriate term when it comes to watching this particular scene.

12. The Series Finale of The Vampire Diaries

The Series Finale of The Vampire Diaries
I still have mixed emotions on the finale; I don’t necessarily know if I enjoyed how open-ended it was but I definitely cried. Especially during all the moments that alluded back to previous seasons. Just knowing that Damon and Elena lived their life and that Damon met Stefan, who sacrificed his, makes me weep every time.

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