15 TV Characters Who Should Never Run for President

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A day like Presidents Day is the best setting for a reexamination of fictional possibilities. Television shows have given us many characters, some of which could pull off being the next president if given the chance, and some that would not.

It isn't always even about the political side of things, but about the traits that the characters have and how accurately they could line up with this new position.

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Sometimes it is about their ability to lead, or their inability to make a decision, or even just their entire existence could be a threat to the greater public in a larger sense. 

It is all about being right for the job and sadly these TV characters might have to reconsider this potential job path. 

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Here are a few examples of TV characters that should never even consider running at this point.

Which characters do you think should never try to run for president?  

1. Octavia Blake - The 100

Octavia Blake - The 100
Octavia in any kind of leadership position is the worst possible scenario, as she gladly proved to us during The 100 Season 5. She doesn't know how to not go too far, using her experience criticizing previous leaders as a way to enhance her power into a blind cult-like following that only ended in tragic death and destruction. Octavia has shown everyone that she doesn't think like a good leader, especially since she was stubborn enough to lead her population to war even if it could have been avoided from the very beginning. Horrible things come from Octavia being in charge, so the best next step for her would be far from any kind of leadership or controlling environments.

2. Michael Scott - The Office

Michael Scott - The Office
Michael is wonderful and he knows so much about China, but there is a limit to how far he should stretch himself. Unforutently the White House might be too far, especially when he has plenty going on already. But it would be weirdly interesting to explore the Dunder Mifflin crew in a new setting, can you imagine?

3. Joe Goldberg - YOU

Joe Goldberg - YOU
It is actually terrifying to consider what Joe would do if he ran for president. He is unpredictable in a killer way, and it simply wouldn't be safe for the people. He might have decent traits for the political realm, some that are already possessed by a few familiar faces, but that doesn't mean anything good. Joe has enough on his plate without worrying about such a big step.

4. Bobby Newport - Parks and Recreation

Bobby Newport - Parks and Recreation
Bobby Newport’s never had a real job… in his life.

5. Moira Rose - Schitt's Creek

Moira Rose - Schitt's Creek
We all love Moira but being on the town council might be as far as her political journey might take her. She isn't as invested in the work, and the possibilities that come with her being president are more worrisome than promising.

6. Sandra Kaluiokalani - Superstore

Sandra Kaluiokalani - Superstore
Sandra is lovely but she is also sadly a pushover. Dina (and others) are able to control her so easily, she literally gave Jerry to Carol because of a coin toss. It wouldn't be good for anyone if Sandra ran, especially when she gives up on such major things so easily and doesn't fight back as she should.

7. Chidi Anagonye - The Good Place

Chidi Anagonye - The Good Place
In a perfect world where Chidi could run for president, the question of should he is still up in the air. Chidi is wonderful but he can't make a decision to save his life. How will making decisions for such a large population weigh on the nation and on him? Chidi would probably combust with so much working behind any decision that he would have to make, eventually giving up because he wouldn't want to risk anything so serious.

8. Oliver Queen - Arrow

Oliver Queen - Arrow
Oliver Queen has been through a lot in his life so far, and none of it is fitting for a future run for president. It is harmful and it only proves why he would need to stay far away from a possible run, not that he would try honestly.

9. The Keating Four - How To Get Away With Murder

The Keating Four - How To Get Away With Murder
There is too much murder and mayhem happening around this group for any of them to make it far in a presidential run. It is as if dark stuff can't stop following them, which makes for good TV but not for promising futures in politics especially when you would be in charge of an entire nation.

10. Hiram Lodge - Riverdale

Hiram Lodge - Riverdale
Riverdale Season 3 was basically a long list of reasons of why Hiram should stay far away from the White House. Bad intentions is probably an understatement when it comes to him and everything he has up his sleeve.

11. Hitchcock and Scully - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Hitchcock and Scully - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
These two are better off being kept away from everything always. Hitchcock and Scully like sitting in their comfortable chairs and if they were to stray too far from them, things would probably become a hot mess.

12. Nicholas Keynes - Timeless

Nicholas Keynes - Timeless
There is something about Nicholas, no matter how complex his story on Timeless was, that pushes him so heavily in the no pile. It wouldn't be the best way to keep him company, especially with his past.

13. Murdoc - MacGyver

Murdoc - MacGyver
It is safe to say that maybe Murdoc should be swayed away from considering a run for president, it would be better for all of us actually.

14. Nick Sullivan - Tell Me A Story

Nick Sullivan - Tell Me A Story
Nick Sullivan is all about trouble, he is the actual wolf that children were warned about in their fairytale stories. Giving him any kind of power is forfeiting any happy ending for everyone else.

15. Tobias Whale - Black Lightning

Tobias Whale - Black Lightning
He may have been a politician at some point, but he only got where he was because of corruption. A villain in his own right probably means he wouldn't be the best option when we could instead choose literally anyone else.

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