15 TV Characters Whose Gift-Giving Skills Are Definitely Lacking

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There's always that one person at any party who just doesn't know how to give a good gift.

Either it's lacking personality, they've mixed you up with your siblings, or they just really don't care and got you a generalized gift (ahem, Oliver Queen) that you didn't even ask for.

Some just have a really hard time reading people, some just can't seem to get someone something that they themselves would want, and others are just so self-involved that it's a hassle to go gift shopping.

Whether it's for the holidays, birthdays, or graduations (or any other special event), it's not likely they'll ever learn to give a good gift. It's the thought that counts, right? Well, sometimes the thought is missing, too.

Here are 15 TV characters who just cannot get the perfect gift.

1. Oliver Queen - Arrow

Oliver Queen - Arrow
We can pretend like billionaire Oliver Queen has ever been good with gifts, but his narcissism before his life on Lian You definitely hindered his ability to give a gift someone would actually enjoy. In the present day, he’ll probably give you an arrow or something as a gift for a special occasion. I mean, he did get Barry and Iris a coffee maker as their wedding gift, and it wasn’t even on the registry.

2. Jason Mendoza - The Good Place

Jason Mendoza - The Good Place
Jason is just, like, really stupid, so his gifts are definitely not going to be someone you really “want,” but rather something that’s going to make him laugh. Or, you know, he’ll forget about it altogether and you’ll get nothing, but that could be for the best.

3. Jughead Jones - Riverdale

Jughead Jones - Riverdale
Jughead’s going to get you something weird as a gift. That’s who he is… he’s weird. Don’t expect anything nice, or useful, it’s just gonna be weird.

4. Mick Rory - Legends of Tomorrow

Mick Rory - Legends of Tomorrow
Mick might give the ultimate gift when it comes to a college student's graduation party, but does a six pack really constitute a great gift for another special occasion? Mick lacks the personal touch; he's not really a great friend though either, unless your name is Leonard Snart, so could we really expect any other gift from him? Alcohol seems like the only thing he'd be compelled to get someone... and that's not exactly what some would want as a Christmas gift, now is it?

5. Jessica Jones - Marvel's Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones - Marvel's Jessica Jones
Jessica and Mick probably give within the same idea of gifts: alcohol. Unless you’re Trish Walker, you’re getting a bottle of whiskey for whatever occasion it is, because she forgot and that’s the only thing she had lying around.

6. Asher Millstone - How to Get Away with Murder

Asher Millstone - How to Get Away with Murder
Asher Millstone / How to Get Away with Murder Asher is like the Weasley twins from Harry Potter. He’s the person you know is going to get you a prank gift, even for a serious event, but it’s going to happen and he’s going to watch you and make you open it in front of him and a large group of people so he gets the full effect.

7. Regina Mills - Once Upon a Time

Regina Mills - Once Upon a Time
Regina’s life of evil may be over, but her personality remains. She may be learning to care about other people, aside from Henry, and enjoy their company, but I can imagine her gifts are a little strange. Don’t you see Regina giving someone a poison apple to put their enemy to sleep if she knows they’re having trouble with someone?

8. Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds

Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds
Reid is super smart, we all know that, but how are his gift-giving skills? As someone so intelligent, we know Reid puts a lot of thought into what he’s going to get someone, but at what point is it so much that he’s overthinking it and the gift is going to suffer because of that? Trying to get the “perfect” gift usually makes the gifts fall flat.

9. Hanna Marin - Pretty Little Liars

Hanna Marin - Pretty Little Liars
Hanna may be a fashion expert, but for those who aren’t as in to clothes and fashion, what would she get them? A gift card to Lucky Leon’s Cupcakes? Hanna’s taste in gifts would be almost exactly like her personality is: sporadic, a little passive aggressive, or sweet and sour.

10. Ralph Dibny - The Flash

Ralph Dibny - The Flash
Ralph is definitely the sleazy guy who is going to get one of his female friends some sort of lingerie for a gift. Maybe for a guy, he’ll go all out and take them to a trip club, but his gift-giving skills definitely need a lot of work.

11. Alex Danvers - Supergirl

Alex Danvers - Supergirl
Alex might be able to get the people she knows really, really well a nice gift, or an obvious gift, but I suspect that when it comes to getting a close friend a gift, like Winn for example, her mind immediately thinks of some sort of spyware or scientific invention to give them. Nothing personal, at least for them, but badass nonetheless.

12. Aaron Shore - Designated Survivor

Aaron Shore - Designated Survivor
Aaron is far too wrapped up in his job to know enough about someone to make their gift a personal one. His lack of people skills (let’s face it, how well does he interact with others that he doesn’t see every day, including his family?) is definitely a sign that his gifts, while maybe special for him, are definitely not going to be on someone’s Christmas list. I’m thinking socks… and maybe a gift card to Walgreens?

13. April Ludgate - Parks and Recreation

April Ludgate - Parks and Recreation
April’s going to get you a gift that’s repulsive, and maybe even a little harmful. She’s dark, well all know and love that about her, but it’s literally impossible for April to get a gift for anyone (aside from Andy, possibly) that won’t involve, like, a dead animal or some sort of blood. Leslie’s the person you go to for gifts in Pawnee, duh.

14. Kimmy Gibbler - Full(er) House

Kimmy Gibbler - Full(er) House
Kimmy’s weirdness is definitely going to make her gifts… unique. Maybe gross, maybe disturbing, maybe just an awful gift altogether, but unless you’re DJ Tanner, you can expect something you probably don’t really want, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

15. Jason McCord - Madam Secretary

Jason McCord - Madam Secretary
Jason’s “destroy the patriarchy” attitude paired with his general distaste of popular things, like Christmas or birthday celebrations, will definitely make his gift-giving skills a bit lacking. He’s more likely to get you a book on destroying capitalism than something you’ll actually enjoy.

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