15 TV Grandparents We Wish Had Been Ours!

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7. Lorraine Saracen - Friday Night Lights

Lorraine Saracen - Friday Night Lights
When her son deployed to Iraq, Lorraine stepped up to care for grandson Matt, but when she was afflicted with dementia, it was Matt who had to step into the role of caretaker. The relationship between “Gramma” and grandson was sometimes tested, at times frustrating, but always warm and full of love, with some funny moments thrown in. In the end, it was one of the most realistic grandparent relationships on TV.

8. Hank Booth - Bones

Hank Booth - Bones
Hank Booth stepped up and raised his two grandsons, Seeley and Jared, when he caught his son abusing the boys. Hank put the love and well-being of his grandsons first. He even chose to go back to the assisted living center he'd ditched, after he almost burned down Seeley's building while making a grilled cheese sandwich. One of his happiest days was getting to see his grandson marry the love of his life and mother of their daughter. We only wish Hank had survived to meet his great-grandson, Booth and Brennan's son, little Hank.

9. Adele Stackhouse - True Blood

Adele Stackhouse - True Blood
Adele Stackhouse, Sookie and Jason Stackhouse's grandmother, known as Gran, was unique. How many grandma's encourage their granddaughter's relationship with a vampire, or come back as a ghost? She took over patenting duties when the kids' parents were tragically killed. Gram sometimes turned a blind eye to her grandkids' faults, but no one can say she didn't love them unconditionally.

10. Emily Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

Emily Gilmore - Gilmore Girls
We'll admit that Emily's relationship with her daughter was pretty strained, but she turned out to be very supportive of granddaughter Rory. And it's hard to find a grandmother who was more proud of her granddaughter. "It's an honor to be your grandmother, Rory Gilmore.” Now we'll have to wait and see how these two are doing in the new Gilmore Girls revival!

11. Anthony DiNozzo Sr - NCIS

Anthony DiNozzo Sr - NCIS
Admitedly, DiNozzo Sr. wasn't the best dad, but we suspect that he'll turn out to be one heck of a grandfather. He was positively beaming when little Tali showed up on the scene and stood right by Tony's side to help him through the transition. We're betting that he'll drop everything to be there for his adorable new granddaughter, which should further help repair the rift between father and son.

12. Maxine Gray - Judging Amy

Maxine Gray - Judging Amy
Maxine may not have been the most warm and cuddly of grandmothers, but that really didn't matter. When daughter Amy got divorced, she opened her home to Amy and granddaughter, Lauren, and helped them start a new life. The best thing about Maxine was that she never spoke down to Lauren. She acknowledged the girl’s quirks and flaws while still loving her unconditionally. And if Lauren ever needed to know how to give a good verbal comeback, she only needed to listen to her grandmother to learn.

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