15 TV Rivalries That Kept Us Tuning In Again and Again

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13. Phil Dunphy vs. Gil Thorpe - Modern Family

Phil Dunphy vs. Gil Thorpe - Modern Family
Phil and Gil have been business rivals for years and no matter how hard Phil tries, he's most always outdone by Gil. Phil once said his rivalry with Gil was like the rivalry between Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. That says all we need to know!

14. Dexter vs. Doakes - Dexter

Dexter vs. Doakes - Dexter
Doakes always knew there was something up with Dexter, but while we knew he was on the right path, we secretly hoped Dexter would keep the upper hand. Dexter did and things turned bad for Doakes, but at least our favorite serial killer prevailed!

15. Jim vs. Dwight - The Office

Jim vs. Dwight - The Office
Pranks, pranks and more pranks highlight this office rivalry. Jim could not resist taunting Dwight at every turn and even though Dwight knew he was being played, he fell for the pranks time and time again. It was hilarity at its finest!

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