15 WTF Moments from 2018

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WTF were they thinking?

We muttered that several times throughout 2018 at news centering on some of our favorite shows. 

Whether it was about a show's storyline, the handling of a particular character, or a network's decision concerning a beloved show, we still manage a lot of eyebrow-raising around here. 

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Just for fun, we've put together our list of eye-popping moments from 2018. 

Which ones made you question everything? Hit the comments. 


1. The Handling of the Apu Criticism - The Simpsons

The Handling of the Apu Criticism - The Simpsons
The Simpsons responded to the criticism they received regarding Apu being a stereotypical character in a poor way. On the episode "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished," Marge is reading a story to Lisa, and Lisa turns to the camera and says "Something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect. What can you do?" The joke was in poor taste and was made worse by using Lisa, a political activist, to deliver it.

2. Dissociative Identity Disorder - Days of Our Lives

Dissociative Identity Disorder - Days of Our Lives
We have to nominate this whole messy Abigail Dissociative Identity Disorder storyline on Days of Our Lives. Abigail supposedly developed the disorder after accidentally killing Andre, then was raped by Stefan while dissociated and unable to consent and shamed by every character in town for it while Gabi drugged her and tried to make it look like Abby's mental illness had returned and Abby herself declared that part of her recovery was taking responsibility for choosing to have the sex that she couldn't consent to. Gabi's actions resulted in a desperate Abigail divorcing Chad to marry her rapist instead so she could get out of a mental hospital where she'd been committed involuntarily without even involving a psychiatrist. The whole story made a mockery out of mental health issues and treatment, promoted stereotypes that mentally ill people are violent and dangerous, and promoted shaming of a rape survivor -- and every time it seemed like it couldn't get any worse, it did.

3. Freeform Mocks Shadowhunters Fans (Yes, Really!)

Freeform Mocks Shadowhunters Fans (Yes, Really!)
Freeform canceled Shadowhunters and went on to mock the fans who were campaigning to save it. It all played out during an "enhanced edition" of Toy Story, and the network confirmed it would not be saving the series. It did not go down well with fans who raised money for various charities in honor of the series. And why should it? WTF?

4. Klaus and Elijah Die - The Originals

Klaus and Elijah Die - The Originals
It felt like a cop out, but it also was just strange. It was a weird message to send to fans, killing off the most powerful beings in the finale for what was essentially shock value. I get that the actors wanted it and they didn't want constant questions about if Joseph Morgan would go to Legacies and they needed Hope to be going through a lot of pain, but it felt like the entire show had no real purpose. Klaus and Elijah battled so much only to still end up dead?

5. Aimee's Pregnancy - Superstore

Aimee's Pregnancy - Superstore
This wasn't like a huge controversial issue, but it was strange the way the show chose to write in a pregnancy for the lead just because the actress was pregnant. They didn't have to, but if they made that choice, why have her get pregnant by her ex-husband? She was moving on and at the same time they were finally setting up Amy and Jonah, so this felt like an unfair obstacle to throw in there. But even more so, it kind of hurt that Amy was just starting to move on and do what she wanted for herself. She was putting herself first because her daughter was old enough for her to pursue more in her career and in her own road to happiness, only for her to have a pregnancy storyline.

6. Heather's Suicide - Heathers

Heather's Suicide - Heathers
It was hard to swallow the way that Heather died at the beginning of the season. They weirdly glorified her self harming, having her skate around in her own blood all the way home only to die on the couch where her parents didn't even notice. She tried to get help at the skating rink, but no one cared, so we had to watch her slowly bleeding out, all while it was framed in a "beautiful" contrast of the colors that she was surrounded by in her neighborhood and at the rink. It was very insulting and set the tone for how careless Heathers was about everything.

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