16 Life Lessons I Learned Watching Comic Book TV Shows

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What lessons have I learned watching shows like Jessica Jones, Wonder Woman and The Flash?

You can find out below.

1. Do not assume

Do not assume
Things are not always as they seem. You shouldn't make an assumption until you know the full story. Sure, you can try to assess any situation, but everyone knows what happens when you assume.

2. Use colorful language

Use colorful language
Words are beautiful. You can use colorful language to describe any given situation or you can play it straight. Be interesting, take the more vivid approach when you speak.

3. Be action oriented

Be action oriented
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don't just intend to do something, get off your butt and make it happen! Make a difference with actions, not just the picturesque explanation of why you didn't.

4. Women will have their day

Women will have their day
Hey, I was a little girl when I watched Wonder Woman. Seeing her on TV was amazing. She was beautiful and inspiring and told us the future was ours. Granted, we're still waiting to have it all, but we're also patient.

5. Be considerate, be on time

Be considerate, be on time
When the fastest man alive can't be bothered to be on time, it's a reminder for those of us who have issues in that area. It looks bad. I need to have more consideration of others by being on time. I'm the only one who thinks my time is more important. That's just rude of me.

6. Plan for your future

Plan for your future
It's never too early to plan for your future. Learn all that you can to make you the best you can be as early as you can. Never take your education and training for granted. I wish I had learned that one a little earlier, to be honest.

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