The Vampire Diaries Romances: RANKED!

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Dear Diary...

The Vampire Diaries has featured quite a few romances throughout its eight-year run on The CW, but some were way better than others. 

Which were the BEST? The WORST? Check out our ranking below...


16. Lily and Enzo

Lily and Enzo
The show seriously jumped the shark with this couple. Like, what the hell? There was zero chemistry. It was a painful experience for both parties... and us viewers.

15. Bonnie and Jeremy

Bonnie and Jeremy
Bonnie and Jeremy were a bizarre pairing. Kat Graham and Stephen R. McQueen had no chemistry whatsoever. Jeremy even resulted to cheating on Bonnie with the ghost of Anna. If they somehow wind back together in the finale, we'll know that the script sent out to the actors was replaced with some lame fan-fiction.

14. Caroline and Alaric

Caroline and Alaric
Caroline and Alaric work best when they're working together to take down villains and co-parenting their kids. They tried the whole relationship thing and it combusted. Move on.

13. Stefan and Elena

Stefan and Elena
Back when the series kicked off, it was all about Stefan and Elena's romance. They were cute together, but all of their earlier scenes were made redundant by Elena's growing feelings for Stefan's brother, Damon.

12. Mary Louise and Nora

Mary Louise and Nora
Mary Louise and Nora were never very well developed characters, but it was clear the two of them loved each other for all of eternity. Their exit from the show was one of the most shocking as they decided to die together and destroy Rayna's Phoenix sword.

11. Jeremy and Anna

Jeremy and Anna
Jeremy and Anna were one of the best relationships on the show. They were both struggling with a lot of different things and it was great how they managed to overcome them together. It's just a shame Anna had to die to quickly.

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