16 Exciting TV Predictions for 2018

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7. The End of The Vampire Diaries-Verse

The End of The Vampire Diaries-Verse
The CW will have space for one witch-themed drama and with Charmed the most likely to go to series, the Hope-centric spinoff of The Originals will be nixed.

8. Blindspot Will Live

Blindspot Will Live
Blindspot may be the lowest-rated drama on NBC's schedule, but its ratings are not terrible. It is close to syndication, so you can count on Warner Brothers to wheel and deal with NBC to keep it on the air for one more year.

9. Alexis Will Bring Viewers to Dynasty

Alexis Will Bring Viewers to Dynasty
Alexis' debut on the original Dynasty is widely considered the reason the show became a huge hit. Nicolette Sheridan's Alexis won't bring millions to Dynasty, but it will bring enough to allow the series to continue for Season 2. She will also bring high fashion that will give Cristal a run for her money.

10. Black Lightning Won't Spark

Black Lightning Won't Spark
Black Lightning will not be the hit The CW thinks it's going to be and will rate lower than DC's Legends of Tomorrow did behind The Flash.

11. A Location Change for Mike and Rachel

A Location Change for Mike and Rachel
Given that Meghan Markle is officially leaving Suits to become royalty, there's no way that Rachel Zane will be killed off. Mike and Rachel will be offered jobs out of the big apple and it will be within commuting distance for Patrick J. Adams to appear in a recurring capacity for Suits Season 8.

12. Goodbye, Midnight, Texas

Goodbye, Midnight, Texas
Given that Midnight, Texas concluded its freshman season in September and NBC has yet to renew or cancel the series, it will be announced as dead early in the new year.

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