17 One-Hit TV Wonders

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The TV landscape is constantly growing with more shows on the air than ever and it gives us the opportunity to see a lot of not so big stars become household names. 

What happens when their original hit concludes? Do they branch out into something as successful, or do they fizzle into oblivion? 

We've compiled a list of TV actors who have had just one hit and subsequently struggled to get into another big television show. 

There are a lot of shockers on here, so you'd best prepare yourself. 

1. Thomas Calabro - Melrose Place

Thomas Calabro - Melrose Place
He was massive hit with Melrose Place fans, but struggled to find another hit after the show went off the air, so it was perfectly plausible that he'd jump at the chance to take part in The CW's ill-fated reboot.

2. Mischa Barton - The OC

Mischa Barton - The OC
Mischa's TV career fizzled after she left The OC in its third season. She was going through a lot of personal stuff, but her acting career never took back off. She did star in The Beautiful Life, but that was axed after just two episodes.

3. Dustin Diamond - Saved By The Bell

Dustin Diamond - Saved By The Bell
Dustin Diamond was a massive star during Saved By The Bell, but recently he's been in the media for all the wrong reasons. He did take part in Celebrity Big Brother UK, but that's the equivalent of Celebrity Rehab over here, so one hit for him!

4. Rose McGowan - Charmed

Rose McGowan - Charmed
McGowan entered Charmed when it was already an establiished hit, but her career outwith that hasn't been all that. She's been in the news, but also not for all the right reasons. Her most recent TV show was Crackle's Ch:os:en. I had no idea what that is, but the cast is actually pretty decent!

5. Chad Michael Murray - One Tree Hill

Chad Michael Murray - One Tree Hill
He left Tree Hill at the close of Season 7, but in hindsight, he should have probably stayed until the end. If only for a steady salary. He's currently starring in Agent Carter, but that show is far from a hit.

6. Wilmer Valderrama - That 70's Show

Wilmer Valderrama - That 70's Show
Since the show concluded, he has not been in any hits, but he's doing the next best thing and dating women from the hits.

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