17 Best Running Gags on Television

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7. "That's what she said." - The Office

"That's what she said." - The Office
This is probably one of the most famous running gags in television history. Anytime any kind of sexual comment was made on the show, someone would immediately jump in and yell "that's what she said!"

8. The Douchebag Jar - New Girl

The Douchebag Jar - New Girl
Anytime Schmidt said something particularly idiotic, he was forced to put money into what his roommates called "The Douchebag Jar." Whether it actually served its purpose or not is up in the air, but it was definitely hilarious.

9. Dean and pie - Supernatural

Dean and pie - Supernatural
Dean Winchester still loves himself some pie to this very day. In fact, sometimes we wonder if pie is Dean's one true love.

10. Leslie and libraries - Parks and Recreation

Leslie and libraries - Parks and Recreation
Because of an experience she had in the past, Leslie Knopps is not a big fan of libraries. In fact, she hates them. Like, literally despises them throughout the entire show.

11. The Plastics Posse - Grey's Anatomy

The Plastics Posse - Grey's Anatomy
Even after Mark Sloan's death, Jackson makes sure that the Plastics Posse will live on. We're sure Mark looks down proudly at Jackson in the afterlife while he kicks surgical ass and takes names.

12. "My leg!" - Spongebob

"My leg!" - Spongebob
No matter what kind of chaos is happening on the show, someone always somehow manages to get hurt and yell "my leg!"

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