17 Characters Who Could Use A Nice Dose Of Reality

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TV characters are notorious for changing their mood. 

Some of them for the better, some of them for the worse. 

Then there's the characters who just make the stupidest decisions that have us questioning why they did it for the next few episodes. 

Some of this makes for good TV, but then there's some that just infuriates us as viewers and makes us not want to watch the show.

We've compiled a list of characters who could use a nice dose of reality.


1. Alicia - Fear The Walking Dead

Alicia - Fear The Walking Dead
Alicia has no survival skills. She doesn't seem to realize the harsh predicament that herself and the rest of Los Angeles is in and just randomly disappears for some time. She's scared enough of the zombies, so she should stick with her family.

2. Clary - Shadowhunters

Clary - Shadowhunters
Clary didn't have any time to say no to the world that she was going into. She became a shadowhunter way too fast and didn't stop to think about the repercussions it would have for her. Sure, she thinks she's saving her mother, but what about her sanity?

3. Matt - The Vampire Diaries

Matt - The Vampire Diaries
Being the sheriff of Mystic Falls was a welcome change for his character, but he quickly became annoying when he complained about EVERY SINGLE THING about "his" town. He needs to calm down and stop being so defensive.

4. Davina - The Originals

Davina - The Originals
Davina was one of the best characters initially, but somewhere along the way, she just became too powerful and made everything about her. If she has any hope of surviving the rest of the season, she needs to dial her attitude back.

5. Malcolm - Arrow

Malcolm - Arrow
It sucks that the writers behind Arrow keep trying to redeem this dude. He's beyond redeemable and needs to stick to either being good, or evil. There is no middle ground here. He needs an intervention or something.

6. Alison - Pretty Little Liars

Alison - Pretty Little Liars
Alison has always had a hold over the liars, but she went a little too far when she forced them back to town to get her sister out of hospital. The sister in question is the one who was terrorizing her friends for over six seasons. No matter how many years she spends in hospital, it would never be ok for Ali to ask for their help.

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