17 Characters Who Need to Step Up or Say Goodbye

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We all love our favorite television shows... but every cast has a weak link; a character who isn't quite carrying his or her weight. 

Sometimes it's not their fault. They've been cursed by the writing gods with awful storylines that seem to go nowhere. Other times, that character just doesn't fit into their universe in the way that they once did. Some are just plain boring.

In any case, sometimes shows need to trim away some weeds in order for the rest of the story to grow.

These are some of the characters that we want to see step up their game...and if they can't, then maybe it's time for them to say farewell!


1. Crowley, Supernatural

Crowley, Supernatural
Remember when Crowley was interesting and a great villain to the Winchesters? Yeah, we can’t either because it’s been SO long since we've had a reason to like having Crowley around. It’s time to retire this stale villainous sidekick back to Hell.

2. Grace Gardner, Scream Queens

Grace Gardner, Scream Queens
On a show where over-the-top is better, Grace falls totally flat. Her most interesting trait is her hat. She’s predictable, gullible, and so naïve that she deserves to be the next victim of the Red Devil.

3. Tara Lewis, Criminal Minds

Tara Lewis, Criminal Minds
Watching Aisha Tyler on Criminal Minds feels like watching a fish out of water. While it's wonderful to see the funny lady trying new things, her character, Tara Lewis, has little charisma, so-so depth, and just doesn't seem to fit in at all. In an action packed show, Tara just fails to stand out like other members of this stellar cast. Is it a case of bad writing, or should Aisha Tyler stick to comedy? We know it's a place where she's always successful.

4. Matt Donovan, The Vampire Diaries

Matt Donovan, The Vampire Diaries
Matt Donovan hasn’t had a good storyline in years and being the only human left in a group of supernatural friends hasn’t helped him become more interesting at all. In fact, it’s just highlighted how truly boring he is. Time to get out of Mystic Falls, Matt.

5. Andre Lyon, Empire

Andre Lyon, Empire
It’s nice that he wants to clean up the Gutter and all, but Andre has been circling the boring and forgettable drain for a long time now. Let’s hope his partnership with Lucious fails and that he high tails it out of town.

6. Zelena, Once Upon a Time

Zelena, Once Upon a Time
The Wicked Witch wore out her welcome a long time ago. We’re so sick of watching her scheme and claw her way back into Storybrooke, and now that she’s pregnant with Robin’s baby, she’s only amped up her annoyance. The routine has been over-used. Try something new for this villain, or follow the yellow brick road on out of here!

7. Petra Solano, Jane the Virgin

Petra Solano, Jane the Virgin
Petra has never quite fit into the A stories of Jane the Virgin, aside from being Rafael’s scheming ex-wife. Her plots are either incredibly lame or make you want to face palm yourself repeatedly. (Turkey baster pregnancy? Seriously? A literal turkey baster?) One way to help Petra? Integrate her into Jane's life even more. Maybe they can form an interesting friendship?

8. Paula Proctor, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Paula Proctor, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Paula started off as a funny sidekick for Rebecca, but lately, all she does is enable Rebecca into making very poor choices. What kind of friend and mentor stands by and watches someone stalk their ex, encourages them NOT to date a great guy, AND supports a whole slew of bad judgment. Sorry Paula, you’re not helping; you’re hurting.

9. Davina Claire, The Originals

Davina Claire, The Originals
Is anyone else a little tired of listening to Davina whine? Granted, she's adjusting to some new duties, but let's get real; Davina has been a hindrance on Marcel, her story with Khol is dead and buried, and there's already a huge list of folks who want to kill the Mikaelsons. So where does she fit in now? We need to see her place in the bigger picture really soon.

10. Billy and Cody Lefever, Blood and Oil

Billy and Cody Lefever, Blood and Oil
The overly sweet young couple should never have moved to Rock Springs. Nothing about their story makes sense and neither do their reasons for staying in the oil country. Stick to the laundromats, kids. You’re not equipped enough for the lying and cheating that goes into oil.

11. Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead
It’s not that we don’t love Rick; we definitely do. We just remember what Rick used to be. We miss the days when he was a natural leader, kicking ass wherever he went. Get him back to his former glory, or move him along.

12. Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy

Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy
I honestly can’t believe that after all these years and countless awful storylines that Alex has stuck around for this long! Is the next plan to shoehorn him into a romance with Meredith? Because if so, please turn it around before we have to endure that story.

13. Caleb Rand, Nashville

Caleb Rand, Nashville
We all agree that while he’s sweet and perfect for Scarlett, his won’t be a happy ending. The writing is on the wall for Scarlett to reunite with her former flame, Gunnar and we just can’t bear to watch Caleb endure that. Even if he puts up a fight, he won't win. Soften the blow, and write him off early.

14. Jack Roth and Paco Contreras, Wicked City

Jack Roth and Paco Contreras, Wicked City
These cops are the most boring part of Wicked City. No one cares about their personal lives or their internal hatred of each other. It’s a television trope we all know and we’re sick of it. Let’s keep the focus on the killers and get these guys on desk duty.

15. Laurel Lance, Arrow

Laurel Lance, Arrow
Laurel has never quite taken off as well as other characters on Arrow (Looking at Felicity, who quickly rose right to the top!). We’d hoped that after donning the Canary suit she’d become a better player, but alas, the woman in the suit hasn’t changed at all. We love Katie Cassidy, but think she’d better off elsewhere.

16. Piper Chapman, Orange is the New Black

Piper Chapman, Orange is the New Black
Considering that Piper is the focus of Orange is the New Black, it’s amazing the show has lasted three seasons. Piper is unlikable, whiny, and no one cares what happens to her. It’s time for Piper to get released and turn the show into the Taystee hour!

17. Iris West, The Flash

Iris West, The Flash
Iris deserves better than the treatment some fans have given her for her role in Barry Allen's life. While some say she's boring and annoying, we tend to disagree. She’s showing signs of growth as a character and we love her (she's the future Iris West-Allen!). That being said, we really need more glimpses into that future that she and Barry are destined for, because she's losing in the love race with Patty and Caitlin right on her heels!

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