17 Characters Who Should Put A Sock In It

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13. Jo - Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce

Jo - Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce
Jo is that friend that everyone wants. She's also that friend that you want to shut up, sometimes. She's hilarious, but she talks over her friends, and that can get pretty annoying.

14. Louie - Major Crimes

Louie - Major Crimes
Louis is a great guy, but he just seems to say things at the wrong time. He gets himself in all sorts of trouble with it, but we wouldn't have him any other way!

15. Piper - Orange Is The New Black

Piper - Orange Is The New Black
Piper was a hoot when the show first debuted, but she just turned into one of the worst characters on television. She seemed to think she was entitled to everything in Litchfield and wouldn't shut up about it.

16. Sara Harvey - Pretty Little Liars

Sara Harvey - Pretty Little Liars
Sara Harvey has never been a genuine character on Pretty Little Liars. She was a little too obsessed with Emily and told her crazy stories to keep her on feeling bad for her.

17. Crowley - Supernatural

Crowley - Supernatural
Crowley just always seems to show up at the wrong time and uses his cosmic wit to try and make people laugh. It works most of the time, but he needs to zip it sometimes.

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