17 Characters Who Deserve to Be Series Regulars

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TV has a lot of very different characters and sometimes it's difficult to give every one the time they deserve on screen. 

Have you ever loved a guest/recurring star so much that you hoped they'd become a series regular? We feel you're pain because we've all been down that road.

We've compiled a list of currently airing shows featuring a character we're getting those exact same feels for. You know you want to read on! Don't forget to let us know in the comments if you think of any others!

1. Hannah - How to Get Away With Murder

Hannah - How to Get Away With Murder
Hannah Keating was the pain in Annalise's butt. She knew there was more to her brother's murder than met the eye and would stop at nothing to get revenge on her. We do know someone attempts to kill off Annalise in a few weeks, could it be her?

2. Camilla - Empire

Camilla - Empire
We know she's penciled in for a return at some point this season, but we could totally get used to seeing her every week. Her sparring matches with both Cookie and Lucious were beyond hilarious and she and Hakeem were a HOT pairing, despite the age difference.

3. Collin - Awkward

Collin - Awkward
He really was a fun character and made Jenna a much more interesting person for the short time he was on the show. Wouldn't it have been way more interesting if he stayed on full time? It'd be way more believable than some of the obstacles in Jenna and Matty’s way this season. I could also totally ship him and Jenna, with Matty out of the equation.

4. Dina - Jane the Virgin

Dina - Jane the Virgin
Dina was a fun character who worked with Rogelio and also dealt him the blow that he'd be killed off his own show. She could easily return and worm her way back on to The Passions of Santos. There has been more crazier developments on telenovelas, right?

5. Kelly - The Vampire Diaries

Kelly - The Vampire Diaries
Poor Matt has like no family. Tyler left him to fend for himself and he's not exactly on good terms with Bonnie, or Damon, so it would make perfect sense that his mother would return and actually be a mother. It's not like Melinda Clarke is doing much else at the moment, right?

6. Liz - Grey's Anatomy

Liz - Grey's Anatomy
Neve Campbell was pretty awesome in her short stint on ABC's medical drama. There was a lot of story left to tell and there's also the added benefit that she's already in the medical profession. Isn’t it time for her to move to Seattle and take a position in the hospital?

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