17 Controversial Shows That We Love Anyway

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7. Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl
This show caused so much controversy before its airing that it even used some of the complaints as a tagline. "Every Parent's Nightmare." "Wildly Inappropriate," and "A Nasty Piece of Work," are only a few of the advertisements that the show once used.

8. Hannibal

Hannibal ran on NBC, a network not previously known for boundary-pushing programming. Hannibal's depiction of murder was an artform, but it paled in comparison to his dinners cooked with the meat of his kills. Maybe it was just too beautifully done for the faint of heart.


The suicide in the first season was only the beginning of the batsh*t craziness that this series eventually became known for. Everything from sexual assault to Black Lives Matter eventually became fair game for UnREAL to tackle, but after a stellar first season, those that followed were mere caricatures of the former success.

10. Roseanne

The Reboot didn't quite make it (although it seems it may be brought back without the titular personality). However, it was the subject of much controversy even before that infamous tweet. Roseanne was already an unapologetic right-leaning celebrity in a Hollywood landscape of left-leaning people. Speaking freely was going to be her downfall as long as sharing thoughts rationally remained impossible.

11. Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon
The majority of the controversy surrounding this adaption had to do with complaints of the behind the scenes safety concerning some of the stunts when Clayne Crawford directed Damon Wayons. A feud brewed between the two that got so bad Wayans demanded a change. Crawford was fired, leaving fans in arms across the internet as Sean William Scott joined the show in his absence.

12. Girls

When Girls first premiered it broke new ground in female sexuality and body positivity. It's not just the general discomfort that comes with storylines which circle around weird sex and masturbation that made this show controversial. It was also that series creator Lena Dunham didn't think to cast any women of color in her circle of friends.

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