19 Controversial Shows That We Love Anyway

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13. Girls

When Girls first premiered it broke new ground in female sexuality and body positivity. It's not just the general discomfort that comes with storylines which circle around weird sex and masturbation that made this show controversial. It was also that series creator Lena Dunham didn't think to cast any women of color in her circle of friends.

14. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black
Orange is the New Black to this day has one of the most diverse casts of any show. Its unflinching look into the conditions that exist in both men's and women's prisons have also started a conversation that may have never received this sort of attention otherwise. It is unsurprising therefore that some would say that the image of women's prison is deeply exploited for audience entertainment and titillation.

15. Transparent

Transparent was controversial even before Jeffrey Tambor was implicated in the #MeToo movement. There aren't many representations of transgendered people in mainstream media, and even fewer representations being portrayed by actual transgendered people.

16. American Horror Story

American Horror Story
The first season tackled a rape storyline and a school shooting, the second featured religious extremism and the poor conditions which existed in sanitoriums, the third was a shockingly feminist look at witchcraft in New Orleans, and Cult was directly after the 2016 election, offending those still combating voting issues of loss. Ryan Murphy knows how to push our buttons.

17. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
The amount of nudity, rape and shocking violence -- especially against women -- on this show has led to article after article discussing whether the show has finally crossed the line. It probably has, but we still can't quite keep ourselves from getting excited for the new season.

18. The OC

The OC
Sex, drugs, drinking and underage partying? None of this is super controversial anymore but The OC was considered insane for its time. Can you believe this was only 15 years ago?

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