17 Couples Who Need A Vacation...Right Now!

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7. Belle and Rumple - Once Upon a Time

Belle and Rumple - Once Upon a Time
It has been an uphill battle for these two since the very beginning. It’s not easy to shed a dark cloak when temptation is all around, but Belle has been able to tame her bad boy. As much as Belle would do anything for him, Rumple would do anything for her, no matter the consequences. Their life always seems to be hectic and full of danger. Once Belle is back in Rumple’s arms, he needs to whisk her away where no one can find them. Ever. Yes, these two definitely deserve a forever vacation.

8. Booth and Brennan - Bones

Booth and Brennan - Bones
All work and no play makes for one boring life. Sure, these two have very interesting lives in their respective careers, but everyone needs to have fun once in awhile. Yes, we know what that’s like with Brennan, but Booth should have no problem using his charm to, well...charm Brennan to take a short, little getaway. After all they’ve been through recently, they definitely need a break. Find a good babysitter, and off they go.

9. Mitch and Cam - Modern Family

Mitch and Cam - Modern Family
Mitch and Cam are definitely one of the happiest couples on TV, but who says a happy couple doesn’t need a break from the stresses of daily life? Sure, Mitch will be worried about Lily, but she’ll be in good hands with whoever she stays with (and she may enjoy the vacay from her dads too!) Think how much fun these two would have on a short getaway. An all-inclusive resort would fit the bill for this fun in the sun couple.

10. Adam and Jessa - Girls

Adam and Jessa - Girls
After that epic fight over Hannah at the end of the season, this made-for-each other couple should relish in the after-fight afterglow and take a vacation. Adam and Jessa will be able to reconnect and discover why they got together in the first place, which we all know is because they are perfect for each other!

11. Juliette and Avery - Nashville

Juliette and Avery - Nashville
Juliette and Avery belong together. Period. Though there have been lots of ups and downs, their connection is undeniable. When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. When Juliette gets off that plane (and we hope she will), she needs grab Avery and take off again, preferably somewhere with a private beach. Don’t worry about Cadence, they’ll find a good babysitter for her while they relax, rewind, and reconnect.

12. Barry and Iris - The Flash

Barry and Iris - The Flash
These crazy kids can't seem to get it together.as soon as we think they're both on the same page, the writing changes. The only way is for them to figure things out and decide if they even like these adult versions of each other is to be secluded on a deserted island all alone. Barry doesn't even need a travel agent for that! Just run, Barry, run!!!

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