17 Enemies That Became Friends (Or More!)

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Not every television relationship starts off on the right footing. Sometimes it takes seasons for two people on opposite sides to finally put aside their differences and come together.

Although it can be frustrating sometimes, some of the best relationships start off antagonistic and slowly develop a connection based on understanding and mutual respect. 

Like they say, love is stronger than hate.

Whether these relationships turned platonic or romantic, here are 17 duos that started off as enemies before they became friends. 

1. Oliver and Slade - Arrow

Oliver and Slade - Arrow
Oliver and Slade definitely have a complicated history. They didn't start off as the best of friends but slowly came to depend on each other greatly on Lian Yu. After Slade feels Oliver is responsible for the death of the girl he loved, he comes after him years later. Despite their past, Oliver and Slade are reunited once more down the line and are able to overcome their differences and help each other out.

2. Amberle and Eretria - The Shannara Chronicles

Amberle and Eretria - The Shannara Chronicles
Their relationship started with thievery and threats which is what made Princess Rover's development so amazing. They went from trying to kill each other to doing anything to save each other. It was also implied that Eretria may have had feelings for Amberle, but considering the ending of Season 1 it never got to be explored.

3. Bellamy and Clarke - The 100

Bellamy and Clarke - The 100
Like Clarke wasn't afraid to admit, she and Bellamy did not like each other when they first met. They were constantly clashing over leadership decisions and arguing over what was best for Bellamy's sister and the rest of their people. It took some time, a couple heart to hearts, and quite a few life or death situations, but Bellamy and Clarke ended up becoming best friends. Their relationship is at the front and center of the show and it's very possible that their love for each other may finally lead to something more than friendship in Season 5.

4. Alex and Meredith - Grey's Anatomy

Alex and Meredith - Grey's Anatomy
Meredith and Alex weren't exactly enemies but they also weren't on good terms. Alex was always trying to distance himself from those around him and made his fair share of poor decisions. As time went on, Meredith and Alex grew closer and came to depend on each other as fellow doctors. As more people came in and out of their lives, Meredith and Alex offered each other stability and are currently best friends.

5. Clary and Alec - Shadowhunters

Clary and Alec - Shadowhunters
While Clary never had any ill feelings towards Alec, it was safe to say that Alec was not her biggest fan. Alec was still carrying feelings for Jace and he wasn't a fan of Clary's relationship with him or her presence in the Insitute. It did take a season or so, but Clary and Alec and have managed to set aside their predispositions and become friends.

6. Seth and Kate - From Dusk till Dawn

Seth and Kate - From Dusk till Dawn
Kate may have started out as Seth's captive along with the rest of her family, but Seth constantly protected her from harm. At the end of the first season, Kate chooses to go along with Seth and they drive off into the sunset together to become partners in crime. It seemed likely that Seth had deeper feelings for Kate, but unfortunately, the show ended before we could see where their relationship was headed.

7. Klaus and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Klaus and Caroline - The Vampire Diaries/The Originals
Klaus originally started off as the "big bad" in The Vampire Diaries making a relationship between him and Caroline the furthest thing from our minds. As the show went on, Klaus fell in love with her and Caroline realized that she cared for him too. They sleep together in the 100th episode, but unfortunately, nothing more comes from it on the show. However, Caroline is currently appearing on The Originals and the two have reconciled their friendship and seem to be on the verge of something more.

8. Clay and Justin - 13 Reasons Why

Clay and Justin - 13 Reasons Why
In Season 1, Clay and Justin were the farthest thing from friends. They hated each other and Justin actually put Clay in quite a few dangerous situations. In Season 2, Clay rescues Justin from living on the streets, invites him into his home, and attempts to help him put his life back together. They end up forming a friendship that is obviously very important to the both of them. After realizing just how complicated Justin's parental situation is, Clay's parents decide to adopt him making the two officially brothers.

9. Clarke and Lexa - The 100

Clarke and Lexa - The 100
To say that Clarke and Lexa started out as enemies is an understatement. They were quite literally the leaders on opposite sides of a war. When both of their people's lives were in jeopardy, they formed an alliance and Clarke showed Lexa a new way of life. Lexa immediately fell in love with Clarke and after getting over her betrayal at Mount Weather, Clarke reciprocated her feelings. Despite its tragic end, Clarke and Lexa were able to reunite one last time when Lexa saved her in the City of Light.

10. Hook and Emma - Once Upon a Time

Hook and Emma - Once Upon a Time
The only thing Hook cared about when he met Emma was getting revenge. Emma only saw him as someone who couldn't be trusted and there were a decent amount of betrayals and sword fights between them. Regardless of their rocky start, circumstances forced them to work together and Hook ended up falling for Emma pretty hard. It took a while to get there, but Emma ended up falling just as deeply in love with him, and they are married with a child in the final season.

11. Cheryl and Toni - Riverdale

Cheryl and Toni - Riverdale
Cheryl wanted nothing to do with Toni went they first met. It wasn't until Toni offered Cheryl friendship during a particularly difficult time that something began to take shape. Cheryl never had a lot of people who truly cared about her, and Toni quickly became the person Cheryl needed. When Cheryl was trapped in conversion therapy Toni broke in to save her, and Cheryl was quick to jump into action the moment Toni was held captive by Penny Peabody. Their romance is heart-warming, and there's no doubt that these two would do anything for each other.

12. Lucy and Flynn - Timeless

Lucy and Flynn - Timeless
Lucy and Flynn were nowhere near friends at the beginning of the series. They found themselves on opposite sides during multiple occasions and were against each other on almost everything. But like they say, there's a fine line between love and hate. Despite their differences, Lucy and Flynn grew increasingly closer and have started to lean on each other heavily. It feels safe to say that a friendship and a deep regard has formed between them and they've come a long way from where they began.

13. Dan and Blair - Gossip Girl

Dan and Blair - Gossip Girl
Dan and Blair, also known as Queen Bee and Lonely Boy were definitely an unlikely pairing. Despite hating each other for the first few seasons, they tried their best to tolerate one another out of their mutual love for Serena. When Dan and Blair are stuck in the city with only each other for company, they realize they have a lot more in common than they originally thought. Their banter was absolutely hilarious and their friendship that eventually turned romantic brought the show to a whole new level.

14. Dean and Castiel - Supernatural

Dean and Castiel - Supernatural
Even though Castiel literally dragged Dean from hell, they didn't start off as best friends. It took a lot of time for them to learn to trust one another which was understandable given the circumstances. Cas and Dean grew extremely close throughout the show and are like a family alongside Sam. Like they've proved countless times in the past, they would do whatever it takes to protect each other.

15. Deke and Daisy - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Deke and Daisy - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Once you lose someone's trust getting it back is never easy. When Deke betrayed Daisy and sold her into slavery it felt like their relationship wouldn't be going anywhere positive. As the season goes on they surprisingly, but gradually start to become friends. It's even revealed that Deke has developed a crush on Daisy but he's unsure if she feels the same way. After that crazy Season 5 finale, it seems like nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

16. Raven and Murphy - The 100

Raven and Murphy - The 100
Raven definitely had good reason to hate Murphy and none of us could blame her for it. When Murphy shot her in the first season, he permanently damaged Raven's leg making it impossible for her to ever maintain full function of it again. Despite what Murphy cost her, Raven has found it in her heart to forgive him and Murphy has done his best to prove just how sorry he is for his actions. They've become close friends as Murphy even stayed behind with Raven in space so she wouldn't be alone.

17. Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth - Game of Thrones

Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth - Game of Thrones
It's no secret that these two weren't friends from the get-go. Jaime actually started off as Brienne's prisoner which is a pretty hard thing to look past. However, during Jaime's time in captivity, their relationship grew less antagonistic as they began to develop a mutual respect for one another. They ended up forming an unlikely friendship that no one saw coming.

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