17 Epically Awful Reactions To "I Love You."

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Shippers either celebrate or mourn their ships reaching this huge milestone. When half a ship courageously utters those three little words, there is a moment of "will he/she say it back?"

Hopefully, the love is mutual, but sometimes, even when it is, "I Love You," isn't the first thing to come out of the character's mouth.

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Sometimes it is a shock, doubt, fear, or just the fact that they don't, in fact, love the other person back. Its tragic and awful but also memorable, awkward, and sometimes hilarious.

Take a look below to see our picks for epically awful reactions to " I Love You," and let us know in the comments if we missed anything or if you disagree.



1. Steve and D.J. -- "This is Incredible! Yes, Thank You!"

Steve and D.J. -- "This is Incredible! Yes, Thank You!"
On Full House Season 6 Episode 5 Steve tells D.J. that he loves her. She is so overwhelmed, happy, and grateful, that it doesn't occur to her to say it back. She thanks him, which isn't exactly what he was expecting. Steve is understandably disappointed. However, with some prompting, she realizes her mistake and remedies it. You could tell from her reaction that she loved him, but it is always nice to hear.

2. Cory and Topanga -- "Yes. Can we go now?

Cory and Topanga -- "Yes. Can we go now?
On Boy Meets World Season 3 Episode 3, Cory tells his longtime friend and relatively new girlfriend, Topanga, that he loves her. When she doesn't respond, he asks if she heard him, and she says that she did and asks if they can leave. Cory is naturally confused. When she dumps him soon afterward, he is devasted. As the episode nears a close, Topanga admits that she is scared and doesn't know what love means at fourteen-years-old. Cory tells her what it means to him, and she finally tells him she loves him too. All's well that ends well.

3. Ross and Emily -- "Thank You"

Ross and Emily -- "Thank You"
On Friends Season 4 Episode 17 Ross goes for the big romantic moment, confessing his love to Emily before she hops on a plane back to England. Her response is gratitude, but unlike D.J., she doesn't follow it up with an "I Love You" that same scene. As it turns out, Emily was seeing someone else in England and had not yet chosen between the two guys. Ross flies to England to fight for her, not realizing that Emily has flown back to the states to tell him she ended it with the other guy and she loves him back. She ends up telling him over the phone, but believe us when we say that he is very grateful.

4. Donna and Eric -- "I love cake."

Donna and Eric -- "I love cake."
On That 70s Show Season 2 Episode 7, Donna tells Eric that she loves him after he distracts her from her parent's separation with his dorky humor. Eric freezes and tells her he loves cake. Later, Eric takes Hyde's advice and tells her he loves her, but he is super awkward and weird; Donna is not pleased. She says she said it because she felt it, not so he would say it back. They talk about how saying it has changed things and could change things and decide to pretend like it never happened. However, when the episode ends, Eric says it for the reason Donna initially did, because it is what he feels. Donna says it back, they kiss and nobody mentions cake.

5. Harvey and Sabrina -- " ... ... ... "

Harvey and Sabrina -- " ... ... ... "
On Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season 3 Episode 24, Harvey decides to declare his love to his girlfriend, Sabrina. She loves him too and can't wait to say it back, but there is the small matter of her having cast a spell that makes her effectively mute. After an episode of running around in a silent movie, she gets her voice back and brightens up a dejected Harvey's night by telling him she loves him. He tries to play it cool but you can see in the first few seconds how happy and amazed he is that a girl like her could love a guy like him.

6. Dean and Rory -- "I love the car."

Dean and Rory -- "I love the car."
On Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 16 Dean and Rory celebrate their three month anniversary, complete with a romantic dinner, cuddling in the car he's building for her, and him saying "I Love You." Rory doesn't respond right away. Dean prompts her, asking if she heard him and if she has anything to say. She blurts out that she loves the car. This leads to a fight and a break-up (the first of many). Dean doesn't take to kindly to Rory not being ready to say those three words for the first time. He wasn't exactly fair, but then, he was only sixteen. The two reconcile on Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 21 when Rory finally yells, "Because I love you, you idiot!"

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