17 Fashionable Fellas

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7. Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)

Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)
This sneaky little bastard always finds a way to glam himself up, even in the midst of hostile takeovers and werewolf rituals. After all, what's the point of a violent, bloody massacre if you don't look damn good doing it?

8. Mr. Gold (Once Upon a Time)

Mr. Gold (Once Upon a Time)
As if the menacing black suits Mr. Gold regularly wears weren't intimidating enough, he also carries a gold cane that's the perfect shape for beating people into submission. Say what you want about his evil ways, Mr. Gold's style is sexy!

9. Jake Ballard (Scandal)

Jake Ballard (Scandal)
Poor Jake always seems to be playing second fiddle to Olivia and Fitz's romance, even though he looks WAY sexier in formal wear. That's right, I said it! Maybe one day Jake will get to dress up for a new love interest who only has eyes for him.

10. Barry Allen (The Flash)

Barry Allen (The Flash)
Barry's typical suit tends to come with more red leather, but this is not a bad look for him. It's just a shame that the one time he dressed up, he had to sit through the world's most awkward crossover dinner date.

11. Jackson Avery (Grey's Anatomy)

Jackson Avery (Grey's Anatomy)
With a smile that could stop a woman in her tracks, Jackson Avery was practically built for formal wear like this. The white lab coat certainly has its appeal, but in a side by side comparison, we'd pick tuxedo-Jackson every day of the week!

12. Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf)

Isaac Lahey (Teen Wolf)
This getup earned him a serious smooch from Alison plus a huge burst of confidence. Tuck in the dress shirt and straighten that tie, and Isaac was the picture of calm and collected during this fake weapons trade.

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