17 Hot Characters With Even Hotter Secrets

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TV quite simply wouldn't be all that interesting without good looking characters with secrets. 

Hot people make the world go round, and if TV is your world, then they have to be easy on the eyes. They're made ever more interesting when they have secrets that force their portrayer to be very versatile. 

Just look at Annalise from How To Get Away With Murder. She can be your friend, or enemy and still have you murdered with a few clicks on her phone. Don't expect her to take the fall for it though. 

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1. Helen - The Affair

Helen - The Affair
Helen thought she had the perfect life with her husband, Noah and their four kids, but then Noah went and ruined it all by having an affair. Now, her life is in ruins and she's trying to find her place in the world after being forced to go back on the dating scene. Her mother and father are also in the process of splitting up, so it's been a tough time for Helen.

2. Juliana - The Man in the High Castle

Juliana - The Man in the High Castle
Juliana had a sense that something wasn't right about the Nazi's winning the war and her sister giving her a tape before her death, put her on a path to find out the truth, but in the process, her husband has been arrested for treason.

3. Alex - Quantico

Alex - Quantico
Alex had a lot of baggage before entering the world of Quantico, but that's practically quadrupled since she's now being billed as “Jihadi Jane” by the newspapers and is now the most wanted woman in the world. How will she get out of this one?

4. Andre - Empire

Andre - Empire
Andre tries too hard to please other people and it led to him having to cover up Vernon's murder after his wife, Rhonda, saved his life. Andre also has a father who knows about the murder and will have no compunction with blackmailing him down the line.

5. Annalise - How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise - How To Get Away With Murder
Annalise isn't lying when she says she can get people off with murder. She's done it on several occasions and she’s even played a part in the murders. She also sent her lover, hot Nate down for one of them and he had nothing to do with it. She's twisted, but she looks out for herself and even the Keating 5.

6. Beckett - Castle

Beckett - Castle
Beckett is hands down one of the hottest characters on the TV landscape, but she seems to think she's going to get killed and that’s why she ended her marriage to Castle. It must be tough thinking your days are numbered, but If you don’t have the love of your life, what do you have?

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