17 Laugh Out Loud Moments From The Office

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The ninth and final season of The Office aired on May 16, 2013. After five years of being off the air, the show still has a strong fan base, and it continues to grow on a daily basis thanks to Netflix. 

It's rare to find a show which can not only make you laugh but can also make you feel good. The Office had a way of mixing feel-good moments like Jim and Pam finding out they were going to have a baby to having Michael run over one of his employees with a car. 

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The Office never took itself too seriously which is precisely what a comedy should do. The Office was also special because of the amazing cast it had. You could tell these people enjoyed working with each other and were comfortable going off script to get the perfect amount of laughs. 

So relax a bit and take a trip down memory lane. The slideshow is in no specific order, and there are probably a hundred more moments I could have included. But I wanted to focus on the ones which I can watch over and over again. 

Make sure to let us know, in the comments below, about your favorite moments from The Office.

1. Michael Declares Bankruptcy - The Office

Michael Declares Bankruptcy - The Office
Michael has done a lot of funny things but when he declared bankruptcy he truly thought that was all it took. Still makes me laugh every single time.

2. Business Ethics - The Office

Business Ethics - The Office
Holly quickly learned how interesting this group of people were when Michael opened up the dialog for everyone to reveal things about themselves. The whole ethical conversation quickly went out the window.

3. Dinner Party - The Office

Dinner Party - The Office
You can't have a list of funniest moments without mentioning the dinner party. Jan being inappropriate? Check. Michael showing off his TV? Check. Dwight showing up with an interesting date? Check.

4. Diversity Day - The Office

Diversity Day - The Office
Michael coming up with the "genius" idea of having everyone try to guess what their ethnicity was came from a good place but the execution just wasn't there; though it made for some hilarious moments like Pam trying to explain Dwight's card.

5. The Fire Drill - The Office

The Fire Drill - The Office
I feel like I don't even need to say much about this moment. It had everything from Dwight making the statement smoking is going to save lives to Kevin breaking into the candy machine. It was pure physical comedy.

6. Garden Party - The Office

Garden Party - The Office
We don't talk enough about the final seasons of The Office but Garden Party holds a special place in my heart. Dwight went all out with the party, but what always makes me crack up is the closing ceremonies of Dwight dancing with the fire.

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Michael: I don't... remember.
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Michael: Yeesh...