17 Most Memorable TV Opening Sequences

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7. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones
Sean Callery won the Emmy for Best Original Main Title Theme Music for Jessica Jones in 2016, giving Marvel its first Emmy win. Inspired by a theme he composed on the melodica, a bizarre and buzzy instrument, the current title theme is also eerily similar in tone to the melodica. It then expands into a rock guitar riff, highlighting the grittiness of the show, which is also echoed in its soundtrack. The accompanying visuals, nominated for an Emmy as well, are mysterious and abstract as well, pairing extraordinarily well with the music. The Jessica Jones theme sets the perfect mood for the dark series and air of secretiveness that the show provides.

8. The Addams Family

The Addams Family
The Addams Family theme is now completely iconic, but the opening sequence of the original show is also priceless. The sequence is more comedic than dramatic in nature, with the bouncing theme and snaps more cheerful than drab. The theme music is accompanied by clips from the show, the character engaged in humorous activities -- prefacing the show as a sitcom over anything else.

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
The 2015 breakout hit quickly grew known for its hilarious and inventive opening sequence, which turns a song into a remix -- essentially parodying itself. The fast-paced, brightly colored visuals match the catchy beats and autotuned vocals, and you're bound to never be able to get it out of your head.

10. Orphan Black

Orphan Black
Short but sweet, the Orphan Black opening sequence takes on a more symbolic approach, splitting the screen and mirroring the abstract graphics, reminiscent of the clones that the show is famous for. The ethereal sounds and vocals quickly paint the show as a science fiction series as well, accompanied by the green- and blue-heavy graphics depicting nerves, strands of DNA, and more biological themes that are discussed on the show.

11. Daredevil

The haunting four-note motif that makes the Daredevil so iconic can actually be heard in countless other shows, yet its the pairing of the varying motif with the heartbeat in the back and incessant strings that really makes the sequence click. Coupled with the graphics that emulate blood dripping into beautiful structures and figures, the opening sequence really is a thing of beauty. It's mysterious enough to provide the show enough to work with, but also doesn't give away anything.

12. Arrested Development

Arrested Development
For an opening sequence, the Arrested Development sequence is almost too much to handle -- there's music, narration, and a series of complicated visuals that flash in and out of frame. However, it perfectly matches the chaotic, hysterical tone of the show, making each season's variant of the sequence something to look forward to. The lighthearted music also frames the show as a comedy that you know is truly about to go wrong.

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