17 Most Unstable Characters of All Time

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7. Troy Otto - Fear the Walking Dead

Troy Otto - Fear the Walking Dead
Troy wasn't on Fear the Walking Dead for long, but boy did he make an impact. He did some horrendous things and was a psychopath, but his charisma and his pain drew you in. He had an endearing quality that he likely shares with other psychos.

Madison saw something in him. Did you?

8. Joyce Beyers - Stranger Things

Joyce Beyers - Stranger Things
Maybe if you were dealing with the upside down and the government secrets Joyce has had to deal with on Stranger Things, you would be unstable too. Sometimes you want to just grab her by the shoulders and remind her to breathe!

Joyce is a cross between a bipolar person stuck on manic and a nervous wreck.

9. Walter Bishop - Fringe

Walter Bishop - Fringe
Yes, we know, it's not Walter's fault. Time travel and all. Let's face it, though, he's done a little too much LSD in his day.

We love Walter and all of his brilliant insanity, but you never know where his ideas will take us. His instability makes him such an interesting and funny character to watch.

Who couldn't love an unstable guy whose best friend is a cow?

10. Martin Riggs - Lethal Weapon

Martin Riggs - Lethal Weapon
A tragic character in Lethal Weapon, Riggs defines unstable. One minute he's playing a who's on first routine with Murtaugh, making us laugh, the next he's jumping out of a building and thinking about eating his gun.

Don't do that, Riggs, get some help. We love you and your insanity.

11. Negan - The Walking Dead

Negan - The Walking Dead
We love to hate to love Negan. Don't we? He's irresistible with his charms, but he bashes somebody's brains in or burns their face off, and we remember we hate him.

Then he swaggers in and gives us that look and wags that silver tongue, and makes us forget he's a bad guy. Love him or hate him, you never know what Negan's going to do.

12. Howling Mad Murdock - The A Team

Howling Mad Murdock - The A Team
Although some of Murdocks issues may have stemmed from Vietnam War induced PTSD, he was living in a mental institution, regularly escaping to join The A Team on their adventures.

He talked to inadimate objects, hallucinated, and channeled fictional characters. Fun guy to spend a Saturday night with!

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