17 Ways to Mend the Broken Arrow

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7. Write Off William

Write Off William

It's hard to be hero parents where you have to constantly put your lives on the line and explain to yourself that its okay even though you'll leave a child orphaned.

Although fatherhood was a nice touch for Arrow season 6, William seems to be a floating chess piece that solely acts as a liability.

If he were sent to Samantha's extended family, we could have episodes where William visits and still have the fatherhood theme without the restrictions.

8. Develop Supporting Characters

Develop Supporting Characters

As I said before, the bunker has gotten too crowded.

The big friction that occurred during Arrow Season 6 probably had a lot to do with the fact that Dinah Drake, Curtis, and Rene are just mirror images of Diggle, Felicity, and Oliver, in that order.

There are hardly any areas of nuance given to supporting cast that differentiate them from the main cast, and that, thereby, makes them substantially less interesting.

9. No More Revenge Tropes

No More Revenge Tropes

Literally every season of Arrow has been driven by some revenge trope.

Either it's Oliver getting back at someone or someone getting back at Oliver. Season 6 it was Dinah getting back at Siren.

This horse is beyond dead. Let's stop beating it.

Or at the very least, let's get a season break between revenge tropes to explore the thousands of other reasons a hero might fight a villain.

10. Utilize ARGUS More

Utilize ARGUS More

I said this in my review of Arrow Season 6 Episode 22, and I'll say this now: Arrow needs more Lyla and ARGUS in the picture.

In this way, we can get varying arcs from the miscellaneous jobs ARGUS takes on, we would get a different female presence that Lyla always brings, it would give Diggle something productive to do, and we get more amazing Diggle and Lyla scenes. It's a win-win.

11. Build Strong Character Bonds

Build Strong Character Bonds

A big issue with Arrow season 7 stems from the weak relationships they create between Mad Dog, Dinah Drake, and Echo before New Team Arrow splintered off and spent half of the season dripping with disdain for Oliver, especially when they didn't have a leg to stand on.

It's hard to connect character arcs and engage audiences through an argument between characters when there isn't much at stake if they never speak to each other again.

Not every part of a heros life is struggle and fighting. It wouldn't hurt to show a bit of the good parts. Maybe they can all go bowling?

12. Give Laurel A New Wardrobe

Give Laurel A New Wardrobe

Okay, this may seem petty, but it bothered me. Not only do Siren's outfits look incredibly similar to Dinah Drake's outfits, but she's wearing the exact same clothes our Laurel wore.

I get how it fits the narrative last season, but now her cover is blown so there's no reason she should still wear hand-me-downs.

Let's differentiate Siren from Laurel and Dinah in more ways than one. Clothes are an expression of the character and, right now, Siren's clothes don't fit her.

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