17 Reasons to Watch The Outpost on The CW!

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The Outpost is being pushed as the next Game of Thrones, or maybe The 100. Truthfully, the only real similarities it has to those shows is that it is a story about the lengths that one character will go to survive in a world where everything from corrupt enemy soldiers to supernatural horrors is trying to destroy you. 

The Outpost is part of a new push within The CW to move away from the teen-centric high school series it has been most known for in order to make way for a new host of genre shows which are challenging viewers to step out of their comfort zones.

The Outpost is definitely uncomfortable at certain points. But if you're a fan of watching a fearless, headstrong heroine grapple with dangerous and sometimes (literal) sticky situations, you're going to love this new show.

Read on for more reasons why you should tune in to The Outpost!

1. Badass Heroines

Badass Heroines
Talon is the obvious choice for the female protagonist who everyone wants to be. But it's really Gwynn who has the feisty, adventurous spirit that pushes the show forward. While Talon is focused on personal revenge, it is Gwynn who has the desire to fight for the betterment of her people.

2. A Love Triange That is Actually Interesting

A Love Triange That is Actually Interesting
This isn't the usual case of two girls fighting over the same guy.No, this is two girls ... who are into a guy ... who is into both of them ... and meanwhile, both of the girls are also into each other. I can't really see The CW pushing a polyamorous relationship, but I would be so, so happy if they did.

3. Kickass Fight Scenes

Kickass Fight Scenes
The best fight scenes on TV have believable stakes for our protagonists. It may be more impressive when a protagonist has martial arts style skills, but when you truly see your favorite characters struggling toward victory, it makes the payoff even sweeter.

4. Outfits That Make You Wish You Lived In A Fantasy World

Outfits That Make You Wish You Lived In A Fantasy World
Talon dresses like she is on her way to Coachella, and I'm not even mad. Talon is part of a people called "Blackbloods." If the standard uniform this group of people is hair ties and suede capelets, sign me up.

5. Corrupt Men Who Are Scarier Than The Supernatural Monsters

Corrupt Men Who Are Scarier Than The Supernatural Monsters
There are "Plaguelings" and demons from another dimension who haunt The Outpost, but it's the corrupt soldiers and ruthless guardsman who are the most terrifying. Already we have met one of the men who slaughtered Talon's entire village, and he could give Tywin Lannister a run for his money.

6. The Plot Doesn't Revolve Around A Love Interest

The Plot Doesn't Revolve Around A Love Interest
As previously mentioned, yes there is a love triangle. And yes, the male character in that triangle is a hot, chivalrous soldier. But neither Talon nor Gwynn have time for that because they are too busy trying to stop the evil Prime Order to focus on Garret Spears and his fab abs.

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