17 Sexiest Sidekicks on TV

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Superhero shows are hitting television left and right, which means one thing: sidekicks!

Our favorite TV heroes always need a good body man or computer whiz to back them up on their latest mission to save the world!

Don't rule out the werewolves or the zombies though, they've got some of the best backup ever, when it comes right down to it. And then there are those every day best friends, who stick with you through thick and thin! 

Check out some of TV's sexiest sidekicks below and try your hardest not to drool. Some of them are just too pretty for words. But don't let looks deceive you! Some of these guys could probably break you in half without even trying.

1. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

No one can deny that when it comes to sidekicks, Felicity Smoak brings both brains and beauty. Give her a laptop and some wifi, and you just know you're taken care of. Oliver would tend to agree, since he puts his life in her hands practically every night of the week.

2. Stiles (Teen Wolf)

Are we ever going to learn Stiles' real name? No matter how unpronouncable, it would be nice to be on a first name basis with Scott's ever-faithful human sidekick. Stiles is always on hand with his quick wit and super sleuthing skills whenever Scott needs help with the latest supernatural disaster to befall Beacon Hills.

3. Donna Paulsen (Suits)

For 12 years, Donna served Harvey faithfully as his secretary, the best kind of sidekick there is for a top tier lawyer in New York City. Whether it's finding a button for an old suit, dodging unwanted appointments, or even impersonating a federal agent, Donna will do whatever it takes to help Harvey win.

4. Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones)

Has there ever been a more faithful or devoted servant in all the seven kingdoms? Okay, disregard that one time he was a spy. He's really, really sorry about it! Moving forward, let's hope that Jorah can redeem himself in Dany's eyes and take his rightful place as her trusted sidekick. No one else quite fills those shoes like he does.

5. Cisco Ramon (The Flash)

Team Flash would be lost without brainy little Cisco, and the meta-humans of Central City would be completely nameless. You think it's easy to come up with winners like Captain Cold and the Bug-Eyed-Bandit? Think again! Cisco is the heart and soul of STAR Labs, and don't you forget it!

6. Bird Castro (Finding Carter)

While it hasn't always been smooth sailing between Bird and Carter, there really is no better friend than a girl always willing to lend a hand – or a spare dollar – in your time of need. Especially when Carter's times of need so often tend to tangle with law enforcement!

7. John Diggle (Arrow)

You didn't think Felicity was the only member of Team Arrow to make our Sexy Sidekicks list, did you? Even without a superhero suit, John Diggle knows how to take care of business in Starling City. And who knows... we hear a super suit is in his future in Season 4!

8. Nolan Ross (Revenge)

Yeah, yeah, we're still angling for a Nolan spinoff, even if Revenge is dead in the water. Nolan is another tech-savy bestie, always eager to help the Revengers pull off another take down with his whiley computer ways. If you need a forged government document or a fake paper trail, Nolan is your guy!

9. Betty DiMello (Masters of Sex)

Bill and Virginia make a great team, but Betty was actually the first person to help Bill get his research off the ground. By letting him film her rendezvous when she was a prostitute. Now, as Bill and Virginia's receptionist, she's an integral part of the team and even helps Virginia secure business – seeing her meet with important people like Hugh Hefner will never get old!

10. Fitz Simmons (Agents of SHIELD)

This is a two-for-one deal, mostly because everyone knows that you can't break up Fitz Simmons! Do you hear that, writers? Leave the babies alone! This dynamic duo is all brains and even more beauty, not to mention, they're the proud inventors of the night-night gun, which has saved more than one SHIELD agent's life!

11. Castiel (Supernatural)

At this point in the game, Castiel is such a major player that we feel a little conflicted calling him a sidekick... But when it comes right down to it, Sam and Dean are the dynamic duo and nothing can ever really match their amazing brotherhood. Still, it's nice to have an all powerful angel on speed dial for certain death-defying missions!

12. Enzo (The Vampire Diaries)

This sassy Brit blew into Mystic Falls to take the much coveted position as Damon's BFF and murder buddy. Perhaps not the best influence in the world for a vampire trying to toe the moral line? No matter, Enzo is one of the sexiest sidekicks on TV if we have anything to say about it!

13. Josh Rosza (The Originals)

This guy has been everyone's sidekick at some point. First it was Klaus (however reluctantly), then Marcel, then Davina, and now back to... Marcel? Honestly, with the ever shifting alliances on The Originals, it's hard to tell who is in whose corner anymore!

14. Billy Bones (Black Sails)

He might not be the most loyal friend in the world (just ask Dufresne), but he is one of the smartest players in the game when it comes to the hunt for the Urca gold. Not to mention, we could get lost in those blue eyes and endless abs any day of the week!

15. Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie)

In Ravi's own words: "I'm a tall doctor with fantastic hair and a British accent... I mean, I don't even need to be this attractive. It's just icing." Truer words have never been spoken. If he's not helping Liv solve the mystery of the week or hiding her secret from the world, Ravi is busy being the hottest mortician we've ever seen.

16. Beth Kingston (Chasing Life)

When you get the worst news of your life, it pays to have a friend like Beth Kingston on your side. Beth practically overflows with hope, optismism, and a can-do attitude that would make anyway move out of her way! Not to mention, who wouldn't want to go shopping in this girl's closet! That's what best friends are for!

17. Mike Slattery (The Last Ship)

Initially a bit of a gruff sailor, it took a while to warm up to XO Mike Slattery. But warm up we did, and now we can't imagine the Nathan James without him! He's always willing to go the extra mile for his captain, and he's gotten the whole crew out of more than one nasty scrape!

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