17 Ships That Will Never Sail, But Should

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Every TV Fanatic has a ship they love that probably won't happen. 

The chemistry may be obvious to viewers, but for some reason, the writers just don't want to go there. 

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There's always a chance that these couples might get together, but as the series goes on, it's starting to feel impossible. 

We created a slideshow below of 17 ships that may never sail, but still should! 

1. Murphy and Raven - The 100

Murphy and Raven - The 100
There was a time when we thought Murphy and Raven would get together, but it's beginning to feel less and less likely. Murphy has had a serious love interest for seasons, and we find it hard to believe that The 100 would split them up for good. But it doesn't mean we won't hold out for Murven until the end.

2. Conrad and Zoey - The Resident

Conrad and Zoey - The Resident
Most people are completely sold on the idea of Conrad and Nic, but after the events of Season 2, it felt as if their chemistry fizzled out. It would have been more fun to see Conrad and Zoey give things a shot, especially because he ended up being like a father to Zoey's son.

3. Penelope and Schneider - One Day at a Time

Penelope and Schneider - One Day at a Time
One Day at a Time still hasn't been renewed, but that doesn't mean we've lost hope. Penelope and Schneider's relationship has always been platonic, but the best relationships are built on strong friendships. They could be incredible together if the series would give them a chance.

4. Jackson and April - Grey's Anatomy

Jackson and April - Grey's Anatomy
The odds of Jackson and April getting back together are slim to none. We still don't understand the reason for writing April off the show and splitting up this incredible couple, but it was definitely a mistake on Grey's part.

5. Frank and Kelly - Blue Bloods

Frank and Kelly - Blue Bloods
There's no denying that BeBe Neuwirth and Tom Selleck have fantastic chemistry, but unfortunately, Frank Reagan may be too set in his ways to embark on a new romance.

6. Brady and Eve - Days of Our Lives

Brady and Eve - Days of Our Lives
Brady and Eve have fantastic chemistry, and the characters are perfect opposites. Sadly, the writers keep putting Brady with the same type of character when Nicole isn't available, and Brady and Eve will probably never go there.

7. Kara and Lena - Supergirl

Kara and Lena - Supergirl
The chemistry between Kara and Lena has been undeniable since their first meeting. Supercorp is even more popular amongst the audience than all of Kara's love interests combined. Why is Supergirl refusing to jump on this opportunity?

8. Torres and Bishop - NCIS

Torres and Bishop - NCIS
NCIS has a horrible habit of teasing couples but rarely giving fans the payoff of seeing them get together on screen. We're ready for Torres and Bishop to give things a go.

9. Dean and Castiel - Supernatural

Dean and Castiel - Supernatural
Fans have been rooting for Dean and Castiel to be together for a decade, but sadly, Supernatural never took it there. With the show ending, it feels unlikely that they'll ever be more than friends, but that doesn't mean we won't ship them until the end.

10. Carol and Daryl - The Walking Dead

Carol and Daryl - The Walking Dead
Fans are still divided on this ship to this day. Carol and Daryl's friendship is great the way it is, but many viewers still want to see them start a romance. So much time has passed that it seems impossible for them to get together, but if they do, they'll win the award for the longest slow burn ever.

11. Holmes and Watson - Elementary

Holmes and Watson - Elementary
It's been stated by the writers themselves that Holmes and Watson are never going to take the romantic route. But can you blame us for just being curious about what they would be like in a relationship?

12. Jackson and Ramona - Fuller House

Jackson and Ramona - Fuller House
Jackson and Ramona ended up living under the same roof on Fuller House Season 1, so the show tried to give them a sibling-like dynamic. If Fuller House was going past five seasons it would have been interesting to see how their friendship developed as they got older.

13. Alex and Sutton - The Bold Type

Alex and Sutton - The Bold Type
They might have had a fling in the past, but it seems unlikely that these two will ever give things a go for real. It's a shame because Alex and Sutton had the potential to be something amazing.

14. Jane and (New) Michael - Jane the Virgin

Jane and (New) Michael - Jane the Virgin
Jane and Michael are done for good, but should they be? The love these two had was strong enough to overcome anything. We refuse to believe that they could ever give each other up.

15. Helen and Max - New Amsterdam

Helen and Max - New Amsterdam
Helen and Max have one of the best dynamics on New Amsterdam. It's a bit conflicting to want them together as Max has a wife and they just had a baby, but their chemistry is off the charts.

16. Rosa and Gina - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa and Gina - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Considering that Gina has left the show and had a baby, we don't see these two happening any time soon. But it feels like a lot of wasted potential.

17. Alison and Mona - PLL: The Perfectionists

Alison and Mona - PLL: The Perfectionists
If we can't have Alison and Emily, at least give us Alison and Mona. Their fire and ice dynamic brings something special to The Perfectionists, and it's incredible to see how far they've come together.

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