17 Shows that Aged like Fine Wine

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There is no specific formula for the perfect TV show, but somehow these shows managed to find one.

Some writers drag out shows far too long and include unnecessary conflict and extra storylines leaving an anticlimactic or disappointing finale.

However, the shows included in the list below seem to have upheld the most loyal of fanbases throughout their time on TV, and despite some of them having a rocky beginning, they made up for it by the end and aged like fine wine. 

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Check out our list below and maybe you'll find yourself a new show that certainly won't disappoint!

Don't forget to leave your comments below. Let us know what you think of our list and any inclusions we may have overlooked!

1. New Girl

New Girl
New Girl's strong, bonded friendships between very different characters allow for many laughs and entertaining evenings. It kept the storyline light, but true to life by including common challenges that every day brings.

2. Broad City

Broad City
Broad City is another great show gone too fast. The power of female friendship and the trials and tribulations of early adulthood are at play in this wonderful comedy. If you're looking for an easy-breezy watch, don't hesitate to jump in on this show.

3. The Fosters

The Fosters
Similarly to Modern Family, The Fosters offers a look at a unique family brought together by many hard circumstances. It highlights the challenges and problems within the foster system and allows a look at the hardships faced to children who happen to be raised in the system. A good mix of ups and downs, the show will have you crying and laughing with every plotline.

4. Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth
The premise of the show was fascinating and unique to any network show, and it interested audiences immediately. Creating a place for the deaf community on TV, as well as highlighting the significant differences between economic classes played essential roles that brought understanding to various groups of people.

5. Friends

Seeing as it's a popular classic among so many, the show writers certainly did something right. Maybe it's the friendships, the humor, or the romance, whatever it was it will always remain a classic.

6. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds
Different than so many other crime shows, Criminal Minds hosts a new style of FBI investigations. If you're into psychology and have ever questioned the motives of a serial killer, this show is a must-see. The writer's ability to create a unique serial killer each episode is mindblowing.

7. The Middle

The Middle
The Middle showcases a quirky family of misfits in the Midwest who learns the lessons of life and family within each episode. It's a heartwarming comedy that's sure to keep you entertained without requiring your direct focus. Need a feel-good show? The Middle's got you covered.

8. Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin
This far-fetched telenovela Jane the Virgin focuses on the strong and loyal matriarchy of the Villanueva family and will certainly crack you up with the subtle humor of Gina Rodriguez's acting. Are you team Michael or Rafael? You'll need to watch until the end to find out for sure.

9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Rebecca Bunch's crazy storyline is what drives the plot in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, alongside the need for knowledge, whether or not she ends up with Josh Chan and how she copes with her mental illness. The musical numbers and witty commentary on current affairs stay strong throughout the seasons and never fails to make us laugh.

10. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation
It's widely known that the first season is the worst, so it's amazing people stayed loyal. So any advice to someone starting would be to get through the first season, and you're set. The show truly advances in the right direction, so stick with it!

11. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
This sitcom thought to have been a copy of Friends, is by far better than Friends. How I Met Your Mother's varied characters who somehow work well together make us nostalgic for a tight-knit friend group such as this. Its reoccurring references allow viewers to feel attached and a part of the group through each of its nine seasons.

12. Please Like Me

Please Like Me
An Australian original, Please Like Me offers a new lens on growing up LGBT in Australia. It's an honest story of the challenges of coming out and handling the death of a parent while incorporating humor here and there because sometimes all you can do is laugh at the curveballs life throws at you.

13. Love

Love is an indie Netflix original that received a short welcome of only three seasons but made the most of its time. The development of the relationship between the two leads was beautifully and truthfully done. If you're looking for a quirky love story, not filled with cheesy romance, go check it out!

14. House

Among the few quality medical dramas to air on television, House stayed classy and true to its origins. Despite Gregory House's rudely unapologetic personality, we still felt bad for him and his opioid addiction and stuck around with his wildly unpredictable medical cases that left us on our toes.

15. That 70s Show

That 70s Show
An aging classic, That 70s Show is hardly known among young Gen Zers. It provides a snapshot of how different it was growing up as a child of the 70s versus the current 21st century. Its eclectic humor and characters are sure to win over your heart through its amounting seasons that only aged with grace.

16. The Office

The Office
The sister show of Parks and Rec whose reviews continually stay positive is The Office. Through its intelligent mockumentary-style and unique way of connecting with anyone who has an office job, the Office found a way to remain cherished in our hearts.

17. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
The character development within Breaking Bad offers strong attachments for each new addition while keeping interests high until the very end. If you need a show you can count on to keep you engaged with each episode, look no further!

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