17 Teen Power Couples of the '90s

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Teenage love is always intense. 

With hormones running wild, everything in life seems heightened, whether it be not getting invited to a party your crush is going to or something as simple as forgetting to bring your notebook to class.

So it's only natural that teenage love would be of the utmost importance to those of us who grew up watching our favorite shows in the '90s. 

As television began to develop shows aimed at teens and pre-teens, teen power-couples were born that we could all relate to. We all knew what it was like to fall in love in the high-school hallway, or with your next door neighbor giving you butterflies. And if you didn't know, well, you could always fantasize!

As we found ourselves in our favorite characters, and they found themselves in love with the perfect mate, we too wanted to find that perfect love, even if that love was just for a season or a school year.

Here are some of the teenage power-couples from the '90s that helped define our views of love!


1. Pacey and Joey, Dawson's Creek

Pacey and Joey, Dawson's Creek
The slowest burn in Capeside, it seemed to take forever for Pacey to win Joey's heart from Dawson. But as he made grand romantic gestures (he bought her a WALL!) and gave her confidence to be more than she thought she could be (he coached her in the beauty pageant!), Pacey single handedly ruined all other men for teenage girls everywhere. Pacey's romantic skills were incomparable, and Joey was eager to be on the recieving end of his love. When they sailed off for the summer on "True Love," we all wanted to go along for the ride!

2. Zack and Kelly, Saved by the Bell

Zack and Kelly, Saved by the Bell
Sweet, charming, and Saturday morning chaste, Zack and Kelly were the reigning King and Queen of Bayside High, so it was only natural that they'd fall in love. Zack and Kelly showed us that your best friend in the hallway could end up being the love of your life. Though we were all broken hearted when Kelly decided she needed some space, the pair didn't stay away from each other for very long, with their love story ending in a Vegas wedding with the rest of the Bayside crew.

3. Brenda and Dylan, Beverly Hills, 90210

Brenda and Dylan, Beverly Hills, 90210
When good girl Brenda Walsh met bad boy Dylan McKay, sparks flew immediately. Though her parents didn't approve of his questionable past, Brenda refused to stop seeing Dylan, and the teens embarked on an epic romantic journey. Who could forget that first date, when Dylan threw the potted plant? Or their pregnancy scare? The romantic hotel room at the spring fling? Dylan and Brenda were the original teen power couple.

4. Sabrina and Harvey, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina and Harvey, Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Nothing made sense when 16-year-old Sabrina Spellman found out that she was a witch. Her quirks and oddities turned many kids off immediately. Harvey Kinkle found her oddities to be endearing and was mesmerized by the teenage witch. Sabrina found a way to juggle magic and having a boyfriend, and Harvey proved to be a great guy, sticking with Sabrina even after she revealed her magic to him. Every girl wanted to find her Harvey and cast a spell on him.

5. Bailey and Sarah, Party of Five

Bailey and Sarah, Party of Five
Sarah and Bailey had a longsuffering teen romance; Sarah stuck by Bailey through his substance abuse problems and after her cheated on her. They continually broke up and got back together. But they both knew that they made each other better, and that no matter what the circumstance, they'd find their way back together. Who wouldn't want to fall in love with the person who was truly their better half?

6. Buffy and Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Buffy loved Angel before it was trendy to love vampires. The odds were never in their favor, with her slaying vampires and his being a vampire. They'd never be friends; they'd be in love until it killed them. Whether it was caring for one after a trip to Hell, or showing up for an uber romantic prom dance with the other, every moment was an intense, angst-filled one that ended with lingering kisses and romantic stares.

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