17 Times a Character Declared Their Love Without Actually Saying It

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7. Willow Rosenberg - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Willow Rosenberg - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willow finally admitted that she loved Tara simply by saying, "I mean." Who would've ever thought that two words could hold so much weight?

8. Leo Fitz - Agents of Shield

Leo Fitz - Agents of Shield
Trapped at the bottom of the ocean, Fitz decides to make the ultimate sacrifice. Before he does he tells Jemma that she's much more to him than just his best friend. But let's be real, we knew that since episode one.

9. Beaumont Rosewood - Rosewood

Beaumont Rosewood - Rosewood
There's so many times Rosie obviously loved Villa it was impossible to narrow it down to just one. Whether he was comforting her, helping her, or being her partner in crime there was no mistaking what Rosie's actions were really saying.

10. Jake Peralta - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Peralta - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
As Jake himself has admitted, he's always had a problem expressing his emotions. When Amy tells him that she loves him, he replies with a simple, "Noice, smort." It was clear that he loved her as well and was saying it in his own way, but he did follow it up with an actual, "I love you," after seeing Amy's face.

11. Conrad Hawkins - The Resident

Conrad Hawkins - The Resident
When Nic finds out that the ring Conrad gave her belonged to his mother, he tells her that he was supposed to give it to the love of his life. When Nic offers to give it back Conrad says, "no, you earned it."

12. Korra - Legend of Korra

Korra - Legend of Korra
It was clear when Korra wrote to Asami over the course of three years that she loved her. The ending scene of the series finally gave us the confirmation we'd all been waiting for.

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