17 Times the Pretty Little Liars Were Their Own Women

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7. Someone's In Trouble

Someone's In Trouble
Maybe the fashion police were giving the Liars a hard time. If you didn't know them, you'd never guess they were friends, right?

8. Wedding Fashion Show

Wedding Fashion Show
No, they're not crazy enough to get married while still in high school or all in one big, dramatic wedding. Hanna seems to be burning through someone with her eyes, though. Even for a fashion show, their dresses are picked out perfectly!

9. Promo Shot!

Promo Shot!
This is a great photo and all are dressed to perfection. Even Aria!! You'd think the wardrobe department would do her a solid more often.

10. Well Seated

Well Seated
Credit for Aria!! While the print on her dress is rather childish, her shoes are all woman. Aren't they fabulous? It's summertime and they're going bare. Oh, they're always like that in Pennsylvania. I forgot.

11. Oh Lei! Funeral Attire

Oh Lei! Funeral Attire
Thankfully, Mona wasn't really dead, because you'd have to think she would have been rolling over in her grave to think of people sporting the ugly leis over their otherwise lovely black attire!

12. Coats?!?

Lo and behold, the Liars did pick up a coat or four for a few episodes. There is so much you can do with a nice coat, as you can see from Hanna, who looks fab as a 60s British girl and Spencer, who just looks great. More jackets would have been welcome overall.

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