17 Times YOU Nailed Creepy Male Behvior

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Unfortunately, if you identify as female in this day and age, you have probably experienced unwanted, entitled, or just plain uncomfortable male behavior at least once in your life.

Lifetime's YOU, based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, might be a slightly dramatized version of that, but it still hits close to home on many fronts.

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Joe Goldberg, played with velvety smooth creepiness by Penn Badgley, may look like the innocent loner on the outside, but beneath those glass-cut cheekbones beats the heart of an unhinged stalker.

Only six episodes in and Joe has displayed some uncomfortably familiar traits, all of which are instantly recognizable to a female viewer. Here are the 17 times Lifetime's YOU nailed creepy male behavior. 

1. When Joe Watched Beck Getting Dressed Through Her Window

When Joe Watched Beck Getting Dressed Through Her Window
When you live in a city, you ALWAYS need curtains for your bedroom. Unfortunately, if someone can see you through your window, they will watch you.

2. When Joe Sabotaged Beck's Relationship

When Joe Sabotaged Beck's Relationship
Granted, Joe's form of sabotage includes kidnapping and killing but then, men will go to some crazy lengths to get what they want.

3. When Joe Got Creepy With Beck's Friends

When Joe Got Creepy With Beck's Friends
Ok, so Beck's friends are genuinely awful people, but it's not Joe's business who Beck hangs out with and he definitely shouldn't be stealing their property. What is it with men and their judgment of female relationships?

4. When Joe Literally Stalked Beck and Her Family

When Joe Literally Stalked Beck and Her Family
It's actually pretty unbelievable that Beck wasn't thoroughly creeped out after finding Joe in the same Charles Dickens fair and her family, but love is blind I guess? Ladies, if a man follows you to get close to you, it's not romantic, it's creepy.

5. Getting Violent With Beck's Friends

Getting Violent With Beck's Friends
Again, YOU has a way of dramatizing situations in the way that only a LIfetime program can, however, male violence against women and those close to them is a very real problem. If a man so much as shoves someone when unprovoked, it's a pretty clear red flag.

6. Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering
Has a man ever forced his way into your home? In Joe's case, not only does he break into Peach Salinger's house, he literally hides under her bed while she has sex. Creepy.

7. Snooping Through Beck's Phone

Snooping Through Beck's Phone
Joe actually steals Beck's phone but unfortunately, having a man feel entitled to your technology is extremely common.

8. When Benji Doesn't Take No For An Answer

When Benji Doesn't Take No For An Answer
Because it's not just Joe who is toxic on this show. Beck's first boyfriend Benji doesn't allow Beck to turn him down when he wants to sleep with her. Completely unacceptable and creepy.

9. When Raj Drugs Beck and Peach

When Raj Drugs Beck and Peach
To be fair, Peach and Beck did take the drugs willingly, however, Raj not telling them exactly what was in the drug before they dosed is creepy and super unsafe.

10. Joe's Jealousy Over Candice

Joe's Jealousy Over Candice
In the previous episode, we got a glimpse of Joe's last relationship with Candice. She calls him out on his obvious jealousy, and let's just say, he does not respond well.

11. Joe Getting Involved with Paco's Family

Joe Getting Involved with Paco's Family
This is a tough one as Paco's family truly is abusive. However, the right thing to do in this situation would be to alert the authorities, not to personally beat up Paco's stepfather. When men choose personal violence it is never for anything but the sake of their own pride.

12. Joe's Gaslighting

Joe's Gaslighting
He does it to Beck obviously, but he also does it to Peach. In the recent flashback, we saw him do it to Candice. When men try to make a woman feel crazy or like her feelings are invalid, it's not just creepy, it's dangerous.

13. Joe's Projection

Joe's Projection
Peach definitely had a few issues of her own, however when Joe would monologue about Peach's possessive behavior, he never once acknowledged his own creepy tendencies toward Beck.

14. When Peach's Editor Tried To Make A Move On Beck

When Peach's Editor Tried To Make A Move On Beck
Remember the book editor that Peach put in Beck's path? Having a powerful man trying to solicit sex from a female coworker is unfortunately nothing new. Shout out to Lifetime for this relevant bit of plot.

15. When Beck's Professor Gets Too Close

When Beck's Professor Gets Too Close
Yet another older male mentor trying to get close and creepy with a young female. Of course, Beck managed to get out of this relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, many women aren't so lucky.

16. Disrespecting Beck's Secrets

Disrespecting Beck's Secrets
Joe finds out that Beck lied about her father's death and feels slighted by her secrecy. But isn't this Beck's secret to tell? Men aren't owed your entire life story.

17. Stealing Beck's Agency

Stealing Beck's Agency
By taking out the competition, hacking her electronics, and following her whenever she is out of his sight, Joe steals Beck's ability to reject him. Creepy, and terrifyingly real.

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