17 TV Bromances That Should've Been Romances

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Who doesn't love a good bromance? Some of the best and most iconic bromances were established on television, and are continuously referenced to this day. 

Bromances allow two male characters to establish a strong bond where they can express their desires and feelings without feeling any sort of judgment. Most bromances erase the idea of toxic masculinity and allow men to be themselves. 

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Yet, chemistry is something that can't be contained, and it's hard to deny that the men in these bromances had more between them than just friendship.

Romance was definitely in the air for these pairings, even if these guys won't admit it.  

Which TV bromance do you think should've been a romance? Let us know in the comments below! 

1. Dean and Castiel - Supernatural

These two have literally been through hell and back together, and despite all the obstacles thrown in their way, they always manage to find their way back to each other. Dean Winchester has never been able to find a girl that was truly right for him, but perhaps that's because Castiel is his true soulmate! With one final season left, maybe these two bros will open their eyes and see that they are meant for each other.

2. Bert and Ernie - Sesame Street

Bert and Ernie defined the term bromance, but it's 2019 and it's high time these two "roommates" admit what everyone else knows, there is much more between them than a bromance. Perhaps if Bert and Ernie admit their true feelings once and for all the rest of these bromances won't be afraid to do the same. Sesame Street is an accepting place, Bert and Ernie, so be free and explore your love!

3. Jake and Charles - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The way Charles looks at Jake leaves the rest of us filled with jealousy. Jake may be married to Amy, but it's clear to everyone at the Nine-Nine that Charles loves Jake more than anyone. He's the most loyal, encouraging, and loveable bro any man could ask for. We've seen these two men share a lot together, and while a romance will never happen now that both men are with others, it was evident from the beginning that what Charles felt for Jake was way more than friendship. If only Jake reciprocated those feelings.

4. Archie and Kevin - Riverdale

Jughead may seem like the obvious bromance turned romance partner for Archie, but that line shouldn't be crossed for that pairing. However, another bromance on Riverdale that is often overlooked is that of Kevin and Archie. The two have been close friends for years, and if their wrestling match was any indication, the two have some serious physical chemistry. Kevin has also been there for Archie through some of his most difficult times, and loyalty is something Archie should be looking for in a partner. Archie has practically dated all the girls in Riverdale already, why not give it a shot with his bro?

5. Cory and Shawn - Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World may tout Cory and Topanga as the OTP of the show, but let's be real that title belonged to Cory and Shawn since day one. These two have known each other their whole lives, and no matter who or what tried to come between them, they always reunited, happier than they were before. Even Topanga has admitted multiple times that she'll never measure up to Shawn in Cory's eyes. Shawn is Cory's soulmate, and while Cory and Topanga are amazing, we can't help but wonder what could've been if these two pals admitted they wanted to be more than friends.

6. Matt and Landry - Friday Night Lights

Despite stereotypes that say otherwise, the football field is the perfect place to develop a strong bromance. While Matt and Landry were friends long before either played for the Dillion Panthers, it was the time they shared on the field that made their bromance so special. Whenever either was having a problem with their lady loves, they turned to each other. Their chemistry was unmistakable, and Julie and Tyra should've been worried because what these two shared was more than a friendship. Matt and Landry are a partnership that will last forever.

7. Jon and Sam - Game of Thrones

Jon and Sam's meet-cute is arguably the most romantic moment on Game of Thrones. Jon, the handsome swordsman, protected Sam, the cowardly yet intelligent chubby guy, from getting assaulted from other members at the Wall. Ever since Sam joined the Night's Watch, Jon Snow took him under his wing and protected him from any and all harm that came his way. Jon and Sam have both had other partners and led separate lives since leaving the Night's Watch, and with just a few episodes left in the series, it's high-time Jon and Sam gets one last romantic reunion. Their bromance is the equivalent of a Disney fairytale, and an over-the-top wedding for these two is expected in the series finale.

8. Fez and Kelso - That 70's Show

The fact that Fez ended up with Jackie when That 70's Show came to an end was a travesty. Not because they were bad together, but because Fez missed out on his chance to be with his one true love, Kelso. What started out as a strange and competitive friendship, spiraled into a beautiful bromance once they were the only single ones remaining in The Circle. Fez always had an appreciation for Kelso's aesthetic, and Kelso adored Fez's weirdness. Fez and Kelso may have thought that Fez's sex dream about Kelso was merely a mistake, it was actually a sign that Fez and Kelso was the ship that should've sailed in the 70s.

9. Sam and Blaine - Glee

Blaine and Sam's bromance was one of the few highlights in the later seasons of Glee. Sam accepted Blaine for who he was and Blaine helped Sam find his potential. Blaine developed a crush on Sam after his breakup with Kurt, but it didn't amount to anything, and Sam even helped Blaine get over his crush. That might have been Sam's biggest mistake because Blaine was the perfect person for him. Sam had little to no luck with women as he jumped from one partner to the next. Blaine might've been the reason for that. Maybe deep down Sam knew he missed his shot with the one person he was supposed to be with. What a shame we didn't get to see these two beautiful guys find love with one another.

10. Major and Ravi - iZombie

The idea of love, at first sight, is a laughable one too many, but the concept can't be denied when it comes to Ravi and Major. As soon as these two bros were introduced to each other by Liv, they hit it off and became the best of friends. Their relationship has only grown stronger once they started living with each other. Ravi's been by Major's side through all of his struggles including when he became a zombie. While many expect Major and Ravi to end up with their female love interests in the shows final season, it wouldn't be a total surprise if these two bros realize that they belong with each other and no one else.

11. Troy and Abed - Community

What a lost opportunity this was. Troy and Britta were a huge mistake of a pairing, not just because of their lack of chemistry, but also because it was clear to everyone at Greendale Community College that Troy belonged with Abed. These two bros were in-sync since the study group was first formed. Unfortunately, these two were separated before they could admit that the chemistry between them was more than just a bromance when Troy left Greendale. We can only hope that once Abed graduated, he reunited with Troy and the two lived happily ever after.

12. Nate and Ray - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Move over Batman and Robin, there's a new superhero bromance in town! Ray and Nate became besties as soon as Nate became a legend. Their goofy, nerdy ways meshed well together, and most conversations they share can't be understood by anyone else but each other. They've both dated their fair share of ladies on the Waverider, but the reason those haven't worked out could be because they are the pairing the Waverider and Gideon want to see come to fruition. If only these two legends weren't so distracted by others, they would see that they would make the most super of pairings.

13. Joey and Chandler - Friends

The dumb "ladies" man and the sarcastic, self-deprecating jokester. The story practically writes itself. Joey and Chandler defined the term bromance, but would anyone have been upset if the two explored their relationship a little more? Joey never found true love, and while Chandler found it with Monica, we can't help but wonder if things would've been different had it been Joey who knocked on the door at Chandler's hotel room in London. A recurring joke on Friends was that Chandler was secretly gay, but perhaps he was just gay for Joey. And if their hugs were any indication, Joey would surely welcome Chandler in his arms.

14. Nick and Schmidt - New Girl

No offense to Nick and Jess and Schmidt and Cece, but nothing can compare to the connection Nick and Schmidt share. These two met each other in college when neither was at their best and became the best of friends due in large part to Schmidt's dedication. Schmidt loved Nick more than anything and did things for his best bro no other man would do. Nick had a tough time showing appreciation, but in little ways, it was clear to both Schmidt and all of us, that Nick reciprocated Schmidt's strong feelings for him. True love does exist when it comes to these two roommates.

15. Ryan and Seth - The OC

Just look at the way they're looking at each other. Nothing but love. Ryan and Seth's bond is almost indescribable that a bromance can't even cover it. Both guys helped each other out in the toughest situations and were the perfect pair. Seth was the brains and Ryan was the muscle. Seth may have married Summer, but when it comes to choosing between the two, there's no contest for Seth. Ryan will always be his number one and vice versa. Marissa and Taylor were simply distractions for Ryan in his love story with Seth Cohen.

16. Scott and Stiles - Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf had a huge stirring pot of romances throughout its run and besides a few epic pairings, most couples were pretty interchangeable. The one pairing that was a constant source of purity and love was that of Scott and Stiles. These two have had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them, and their bond managed to outlast it all. There's no denying the love these two guys have for one another. It didn't matter which girl either guy ended up with because all was well as long as these two soulmates had each other in the end.

17. Damon and Alaric - The Vampire Diaries

How these two drinking buddies never once hooked up is insane! Both men are easy on the eyes, and you have to imagine after a few too many at the bar, there had to be a few ogling eyes shared between them. The bromance didn't start off without a few hitches, the two have attempted to kill each other a few times, but all relationships on The Vampire Diaries have had a few issues. Elena's time in her magical coma would have been the perfect time for Alaric and Damon to pull the trigger and explore the lingering feelings between them. If only Damon wasn't so busy moping about Elena, he would've seen the perfect person for him was actually drinking beside him all along.

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