17 TV Characters Who Throw Such Good Parties We Need An Invite

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Throwing a party is no easy feat. 

It takes a certain level of skill to throw a successful party, however, there's a handful of TV characters that have mastered it. 

These characters could add "party planner" to their resumes because no detail is ever overlooked and they make the planning process look effortless. 

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Not to mention decorations, food, and music are always on-point.

These are the characters we'd want to party with and the guest-lists we'd love to be on to ensure we ring in the New Year with a bang!

What other characters would you add to the list?

1. Tahani - The Good Place

Tahani - The Good Place
After her death, Michael relied on Tahani to host grand and lavish galas in The Good Place. Before her death, the towering Brit with legs for days served as a party planner mingling with the likes of Bono. Throwing parties is in her blood, and she's damn good at it!

2. Veronica Lodge - Riverdale

Veronica Lodge - Riverdale
If anyone knows how to throw a good party it's the Queen B of Riverdale. Ronnie comes from money and lived in Manhattan so her expectations are understandably high. She's also the owner of Le Boutit, a swanky speakeasy right under Pops' diner that caters to high-school students, serves up non-alcoholic drinks, hosts an elegant open-mic night and the occasional high-stakes poker game.

3. Fallon - Dynasty

Fallon - Dynasty
When money isn't an issue, you can throw the hottest ragers every weekend. And sometimes, it seems like Fallon Carrington does. Her events are the talk of the town and everyone wants an "in." So, if you happen to score an invite to a Carrington party, you better dress to impress.

4. Jane - Jane the Virgin

Jane - Jane the Virgin
Jane Villanueva is a planner, which makes her the perfect party host. Just look at how meticulously she planned Ro and Xo's wedding. But don't expect this to be any kind of rager -- Jane is a family gal so letting loose would include playing games, hanging with her Abuela, and dancing to some throwback tunes.

5. The Mikealsons - The Originals

The Mikealsons - The Originals
When you've been throwing parties for thousands of years, you start to figure out the recipe for success. Each of the Mikealson events has a touch of class and elegance, though we can't promise that they don't have ulterior motives or that the event wouldn't end with dead bodies dropping everywhere.

6. Mina - The Resident

Mina - The Resident
One thing to know about Dr. Okafor: she throws a lavish Halloween bash! And if you can impress on Halloween, the toughest party to host, you can impress anytime! Mina's bash wasn't tame either. Just like the fiery doctor herself, people were making out in closets and throwing up their drinks in the kitchen. Get ready!

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