17 TV Couples That You Forgot Dated

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There are those iconic TV couples that you can't help loving even years later. But then there are those that you don't even remember existed, a relationship that happened in the blink of an eye.

It was usually a roadblock or an obstacle on the way to something else, a relationship before the eventual endgame for one or both of the characters.

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In fact, some of these relationships might even be a distant memory that you didn't remember until just now. 

It is still nice to look back at what might have been, but what technically never really was for long.  

Here is a slideshow of TV couples you probably don't remember even dated, but who knows how many other relationships got lost in the memory vortex. 

1. Andy and Angela - The Office

Andy and Angela - The Office
There have been some ridiculous relationships, but Andy and Angela take the cake for most forgetful. You knew not to get invested so as soon as Andy learned the truth about Dwight's involvement in his relationship, everything burned along with our memory of it.

2. Raven and Wick - The 100

Raven and Wick - The 100
Wick was rightfully written off the show due to the actor's horrible views that he chose to share on social media. But honestly Wick sucked as a person all on his own, and Raven moved on to bigger and better things. Who even remembers Wick when you are as awesome as Raven and are dating someone who appreciates you as Zeke does?

3. Clary and Simon - Shadowhunters

Clary and Simon - Shadowhunters
This almost feels like a dream, even if it really wasn't. Right? Or is that just me?

4. Sutton and Alex - The Bold Type

Sutton and Alex - The Bold Type
This is more of a what could have been scenario. These two had the potential, the show just didn't want to invest in it. So now they have ended up nothing more than a random thought we have once in a while, which kind of really sucks.

5. Jonah and Dina - Superstore

Jonah and Dina - Superstore
Dina would consider this one day or so as them dating, so we will too. It had to happen so we could all move forward, but looking back on it now makes it, even more, cringeworthy. Jonah could never handle someone like Dina and she deserved better than a guy so in love with Amy.

6. Joey and Rachel - Friends

Joey and Rachel - Friends
It was like the writers ran out of ideas and tried to explore something that could have had potential if they actually gave it value seasons ago. Joey cared about Rachel but that ship sank literally, and they ended up making them into a joke and not an actual relationship.

7. Allison and Isaac - Teen Wolf

Allison and Isaac - Teen Wolf
It wasn't that these two didn't leave a lasting impression, it was more that they didn't have a chance to be together longer that forces them to make the list.

8. Kara and James - Supergirl

Kara and James - Supergirl
There was so much to invest in with Kara and James for a while, and then the show moved to a new network and it was like nothing ever happened to begin with. It was a strange adjustment but the show did it so well that looking back at them now feels weird.

9. Bash and Mary - Reign

Bash and Mary - Reign
Bash meant a lot to us, but his relationship with Mary truly is like a distant memory now. With the way that that ship war moved forward, this was the most adult way to make a choice and stick to it even if there was a death that kept Mary from the one she wanted to be with.

10. Callie and Brandon - The Fosters

Callie and Brandon - The Fosters
These two found something special with each other when they needed it, but they were foster siblings and that needed to end. Their romance was a major thing for both of them for a while, yet when it was finished it was like it never even happened in the first place.

11. Beck and Dr. Nicky - YOU

Beck and Dr. Nicky - YOU
The only reason this even made it here is because of how totally confused the show made us. Between Beck lying and Joe having this crazy paranoia that played into what was actually true, this little detail always came off a little fuzzy. We never saw these two together so thinking they were together and then weren't and then played with you a lot.

12. Ann and Andy - Parks and Recreation

Ann and Andy - Parks and Recreation
It is so foreign to think about Andy living with Ann for two years when he and April were so iconic to fans. Looking back now, these two made even less sense compared to the happily ever after that they both found with April and Chris. But sometimes you need to be with the wrong person for a while to find the right one.

13. Felicity and Ray - Arrow

Felicity and Ray - Arrow
This was such a random dating choice that feels even funnier now that Ray is on his own show and Felicity is married to Oliver, the guy everyone knew she was going to end up with anyway. A weird obstacle that is the perfect way to confuse your shipping mind for a while.

14. Gina and Boyle - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina and Boyle - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Boyle may never want us to forget this but we are with Gina on this one, kill this relationship history with fire. This was really strange and it still doesn't make any sense to any of us, Gina included.

15. Bonnie and Jeremy - The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Jeremy - The Vampire Diaries
There was plenty of weirdness to discuss when it came to Bonnie dating her best friend's little brother, one that she literally watched grow up. They were sweet together though, or they probably were because it is really hard to remember what they were even like together.

16. Mickey and Martha - Doctor Who

Mickey and Martha - Doctor Who
This was an interesting pairing, mostly in the way that it felt like an odd choice to make. It isn't something we dwell on often but still, who else wants to discuss this?

17. Jackson and Lexie - Grey's Anatomy

Jackson and Lexie - Grey's Anatomy
This isn't the first relationship that Lexie was in that we forgot ever happened, which probably says a lot more than we expected to learn.

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