17 TV Couples Who Shouldn't Have Been Endgame

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When there are couples who should have ended up together, there are also couples who shouldn't have ended up together.

In some cases, they actually weren't supposed to be a couple when the series finale came around, but when actors leave the show, writers can only work with what they've got.

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There's also the occasions when a relationship is just the worst and we can't believe they were together at the show's conclusion. 

We put together a list of 17 TV couples who shouldn't have been endgame. 

1. Amy and Reagan - Faking It

Amy and Reagan - Faking It
No matter what the writers say, we know Amy and Karma were meant to be from the start. Reagan and Amy definitely weren't meant to be endgame, but unfortunately, the show never got a fourth season.

2. Ted and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

Ted and Robin - How I Met Your Mother
To be honest, Barney and Robin weren't a very great relationship either, but it didn't make much sense to make the entire last season about their wedding just to break them up and put her with Ted. We also can't forget that the main point of the series was supposed to be about Ted meeting the mother of his kids.

3. Sookie and her human husband - True Blood

Sookie and her human husband - True Blood
The whole premise of True Blood was about Sookie and her vampire love interests, so the fact that she ended up with a random human is pretty disappointing.

4. Ryan and Taylor - The O.C.

Ryan and Taylor - The O.C.
Ryan was always supposed to be with Marissa until the actress left the show. Her death was heartbreaking, and it felt like Ryan only ended up with Taylor just so he wouldn't be alone.

5. Riley and Lucas - Girl Meets World

Riley and Lucas - Girl Meets World
Riley and Lucas's story was dull and predictable, even for a Disney show. Riley had a lot more chemistry with Farkle, and Lucas was meant to be with Maya.

6. Bay and Travis - Switched at Birth

Bay and Travis - Switched at Birth
Travis was a great guy and he did deserve a happy ending. But his relationship with Bay came out of nowhere and didn't make much sense since the whole series was building to Bay and Emmett. If they were going to put Travis and Bay together at the end, they should have started developing them earlier on.

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